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    Thanks again Quarney, give the man an equivalent of a knighthood for services to being a community manager :)

    Thank you Quarney for the clarification on this. What i'd like to know more on, of course in due time, but the control centre! The fact we can tell drivers, there's a hold up at Alexanderplatz, turn at Brandenburg Gate or the Gross Stern. Also is there compatibility to have real weather in game?

    One other fact with regards to this is driving physics, an empty bus vs a full bus is still not simulated, also if I steer in snow it should be harder to drive. Just some things that come with the road conditions. UE4 can do some outstanding things, we just want to see it better represented :)

    Will there be a revisit to other cities as a lot of Germany already has duplicated buildings as I try to drive with visual representations but it’s difficult.

    Im sad MAN no longer produce DDs for their homeland, but I guess the aftermarket sales are poor compared to ADL which may modify the bus for their wider market for DDs.

    ADL are good, just as a non German native I see them daily and even in HK, they’re not special anymore to me personally.

    Perfect opportunity for TML to show that they are capable of creating realistic, detailed bus simulators too, not just arcadey bus driving games aimed at a different audience. No offence to anyone, but when it comes to realism, OMSI and LOTUS are still kings of the genre.

    But competition is always good, and the real winners are us, the customers.

    Couldn’t of put this better myself, well said mate

    Thanks Quarney

    There’s no issue but it should be a little more responsive; I drive in real life and so far OMSI is close enough to real life; also the steering and sudden curves on the autobahn are a cause for concern, it should be straight. You can’t switch lanes or turn steering at 100km/h (70mph) you’ll flip the vehicle over!

    In OMSI you drive at 80km/h you turn suddenly you’ve had it.

    I hope the focus is on realism not arcade as It should be hardcore simulation, this is a great market which has little to no competition.

    Hi TML

    I notice from driving the game for a while now the response time for the accelerator and Steering is delayed slightly.

    This may fall on deaf ears but it should be instant for acceleration and braking not a delay.

    Has anyone been able to mod this, some are doing some crazy things with TSW and that’s UE4 so has anyone found a way to tweak the buses?!

    I had high hopes for The Bus until I saw Microsoft Flight Simulator, in conjuction with the french Asobo studio.

    I have no more words for it, all I’ll say is the effort gone in; the entire planet to fly around in and we’re getting a route or two in these other “simulators”

    Fernbus is the whole of Germany but with such PCs today; if Asobo can do it why can’t we have a Bus sim of the same calibre??

    Crazy. I am out; it’s been nice trying to enjoy the announcements and nothing further, my money is on Microsoft come back to save this genre called Simulation.

    Peace :thumbsup:

    Ah it looks okay, compared to the detail in FSX 2020 UE4 is looking a little amateur. Just my opinion.

    But what do the natives to Berlin think who see this everyday?

    Just. Look. At. That.

    Key things we know already from the official page, with no screens or anything (How it should be) not even a forum yet until it's released. Brilliant business mindset.

    While this is not the moment to answer every question being asked, we do want to take the opportunity to answer a few important ones:

    1. We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR.
    2. Designed for PC, optimized for multiplatform support (e.g. Xbox).
    3. Yes. We are supporting 3rd Party Content Development and Community Content creation. We are aware of the concerns in the current eco-system and are working to address them.
    4. Yes. We genuinely want to work closely with the community in the development of this title.
    5. Accessibility is important to us. Whatever your abilities are, if you want to fly, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. Yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, controller, etc. No pilot should be left behind.

    Community support is VITAL to any game in this field, using a game engine that we cannot edit anything is not very good at all and it could kill off the simulation genre, or could of. But with Microsoft Games, from early FSX to Train Sim days, the editor was included even a troubleshooting aspect for various things that may affect gameplay. A proper developer.

    These guys look like they mean business, and sound like they mean business. In an age where it's all rush and quantity rather than quality.

    SO, I am excited, having never played FSX before but admired who could! I always found it too scary! Haha

    It's not a serious matter but I feel the german way is to be direct without any real understanding of how it comes across, spent enough time with the OMSI community to learn that much, but in contrast Germany is a lovely place! The forums are baffling!

    And DTG can only manage a 30 mile route for UE4. TML can give us the whole of Germany, Austria /Switzerland and now France.
    I can't swear but For F Sake (Lol!!) TML my goodness, and TML is a smaller team than DTG.

    German Excellence over British laziness (Yes It's true)

    These look good, with the updated physics coming to all buses, I'm still holding back from the VDL until that's also updated :D

    I dont listen to the radio because it's in German I do understand some of it but none of the events happen during a drive, there's what looks like an oil spill but it has no bearing on the drive. I know things are underway to improve the experience but it just feels dead there's no AI buses.

    The radio plays the same things all the time, I haven't played it for so long because it's boring, I would of thought we'd be seeing some really expressive simulation but....

    I had heard mention of real time during gameplay as the time moves very quickly. I look forward to the much needed driving physics update. Saw Steve Chester try to navigate the serpentine with the VDL and crashed into the mountain.

    Thanks Timo, I'm not here for all of that, too old for that behaviour :sleeping: it's draining. Some people don't have the patience these days, sad really.

    Anyhow after looking again Martin 40 Bus post, I'll take a look at routing, to end up in the new area so not sure where in Germany it's placed - but I'll wait for these new performance and physics updates before hand :thumbup:

    Oh my goodness, if you can not even find Erfurt on the map, go to the free mode and select your favourite city or village on the list LT586. Then your place is marked on the map, and by zooming out you can see other cities near the one you've selected before. Furthermore, by zooming out until the limit, you can even see the whole country of Germany and your marked point, wow! Is it really that difficult?:/:rolleyes:

    Don_Castor My man, calm down yeah? There is really no need to get so aggitated. I am simply asking where on the map as I have not found. Wow is it really that difficult isn't necessary. Act you're age not your shoe size please