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    I feel this game is another test bed for UE4 and we may finally see some more diversity amongst vehicles in The Bus. OMSI still rules the road imho. UE4 does look great but the lack of vareity of vehicles just seems like an abandonment for me. PeDePe's economic system is super, adds a great new element to the game but it just seems UE4 is either lacking in an Editor useage due to licensing, cooked and uncooked business etc

    Just seems like going backwards I feel.

    Thing is the OMSI content is far and few between because of the slagging match between gamers / bus enthusiasts.

    I like Fernbus too just am used to the accurate Physics just good graphics isnt always the thing. Longevity and gameplay is, OMSI may be down on content but it lives up to it by being engaging. You can drive for hours in both but just feel there's lack luster somewhere in Fernbus and this one seems nice but i'll see im not against it at all just it doesn't feel exciting

    I feel since we've lost Chris, things have gone a bit meh.

    I just wish MAN wasn't the coach of choice. Same lifeless sounds, poor handling. UE4 is only pretty but I miss when game developers put their heart and soul in a game, just my tupence I hardly play Fernbus anymore but OMSI I cant put down, UE4 is like two steps backwards.

    As an avid gamer of simulators UE4 is a long way off from the game engines of old which were heart and soul

    Sorry if all of this has been covered but I wonder if you all are open to the suggestion for the M19, M29 or M46 as an addon route as it will open up doors to have the Metrobus routes (24 hour) or M49 from the Zoo to Spandau and with the christmas markets the traffic would be interesting.

    Seeing as the Zoo is part of the route 100 additional services will make interesting gameplay also the X10 into Havelland

    Thank you @'UndergroundBerlin for your reply. Yes I think it would make sense as citybuses in Berlin have cab doors and to jump in isn't realistic.

    Sorry for digging up an old thread but will the displays of the Citywide match the real life bus? Also the Atron ticket machine display?

    I dont like the jump in the driver seat is there no possible to open the drivers door? Then get in. Its still the same controls from WOS series.

    These will be a great addition, my only and sole wish is the sounds of buses are terrible. Also the gearbox it just sounds generic.

    But these buses are whats needed. The Football DLC is fine but I'll wait for The Bus in my opinion

    If you're running the latest NVidia driver this is the problem, I don't know why but anything past 372.70 personally is poor.

    If you can revert back to an older driver do, but If you're using a brand spanking new machine with more than capable hardware. I don't know what the issue is, it's happening for me too, so will go back to an older driver, but I am never using NVidia again.

    Sounds good, wanted to ask do the AI cars follow a path or script?

    Also my wheel feels very light on the feedback so when you turn a corner there isn't much resistance from the road so it doesn't spin back.

    Seems many play with a mouse so can those with a proper set up reply or the main guys in charge

    Thank you TML it looks amazing, night time is very dark.

    But id like to mention the sounds of the coaches, I'm no expert but they don't sound authentic, the retarder is almost non existant, a big vehicle like this needs it, imagine 100km/h down to 60 and the bends in the motorway and the handling is the same as a boat.

    The vehicles need a lot of work, If I play old OMSI the heavy vehicles feel heavy, a ZF has a different feel than a Voith but there seems to be no characteristics at all.

    Did you all talk with flixbus engineers before making the vehicles. I can say that because we've had 9 years of proper bus physics; this isn't a put down either as many seem to be aggressive but I want to help, Id say for The Bus to ensure you chat with engineers, drive with drivers to get a feel of how buses lurch and bend and sort of creak into action. After all 11000 tons unladen weight doesn't translate in game.

    The steering is spot on but the force feedback doesn't seem to resonate well its too forced, and my settings are at a minimum just to be able to handle the bus.

    I will try again and do a video for my channel to show.

    Once again, thank you.

    I want to ask some specific questions to those currently testing this new addon.

    Do you all drive with a steering wheel (G27 etc), do you use it properly, use the mirrors etc? Not just drive like a wild animal.

    Also is the handling similar to OMSI I know it can't be as its a totally different model but does the coach actually feel heavy, does it lug when turning corners etc? These are specifics, I never had to ask if OMSI handled properly because we all knew it did.


    Such a pleasant surprise after a long day at work. I'm happy for the new visuals, but it's the performance I'm the most excited about. Let's see how it performs on my aging rig.

    Edit: I'm impressed so far, but some areas with dense forests are still dropping fps like crazy. Something should be done with (distant) trees, they seem to be an fps hog.

    Ditto i have the Haswell i7 but the new i7 I am aiming to build, just annoying it takes so long to save up!

    I am happy UE4 is being utilised for such games first of all as its about time we had a decent game engine.

    I love the update for Fernbus, 1.18 is going to be a welcome. I gather Epic Games behind Unreal are tackling other areas. At least streets and representations of locations in The bus will be truer to life as A, Chris is in Berlin, B, its one city

    At least you can discuss here, just don't like the heated way it gets. Compared to another area this is better, by miles.

    I gather most of us are here from the original bus sim, tired of the UK community always at arms with each other over anything and nothing at all - At least with here you can air a difference of opinion and be honest about it. I'll definitely be hanging around. More so here than anywhere else.

    Thanks all for being decent in that respect.

    It's interesting how heated these forums seem to get. Lads, really whats going on? Its a game, UE4 is pretty new and can do 100% better than many.

    How is demanding going to solve anything? I find another project if you advise not to mention release dates before its actually finished, me personally am slammed. So with TML being very professional, why not wait and see what happens first?

    This update is a welcome, I get it, we're used to stable platforms but this is by far the best since in a long while.

    Ease up the testosterone and enjoy TML now than before. That's all. Take this as you wish! ;)

    I feel bad for saying before, just my own personal experience stems from games of old which didn't need patching. Patches became the norm since Windows XP when the OS was unfinished. Just seems that most programs these days arent finished as the desperation for "I must have it now" is the theme.

    Seems like the 80s again when the streets were filled with the stuff people got hooked on. TML aren't the London team where its release promises for 2 years and still showing WIP. TML are doing a better job than many (not to back seat moderate) Just tired of the desperation.

    I would like a game which doesn't need constant patches like how it used to be.