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    It is, as DenisVarlamov88 wrote, unfortunately behind a pay wall :(

    Well, somehow the newspaper companies have to earn money, don't they? I can understand everybody is curious about the article, doubtless informative and interesting. But copying and publishing it elsewhere but the TA sources is not very fair to the editorial office. 0,99€ is absolutely acceptable to get access to TA's services for 30 days. Imagine if Flixbus gave free Fernbus Simulator keys to their customers because the game contains their brand. Would be weird, don't you think? But somehow this is the case now with the article...

    I don't want to offend anybody here, but just think about your point of view if you worked for TA.

    Kind regards!

    Finally the new version of the MAN Lion's Coaches! I can't stand these old ones and their design from the last millennium.=O

    Hopefully they won't copy the old sounds as they did with the Intercity buses. They should just realise that one brand doesn't mean one motor sound...

    At least we can surely expect the original MAN logo, contrary to the Daimler coaches/minibus.

    I'm very looking forward to detailed information about the upcoming DLC, probably during this year's gamescom.:thumbsup:

    I love to travel and relax in some countries, but I probably would not be able to stay living in some country permanently.

    DenisVarlamov88 I absolutely agree with you: I had been staying in Germany for many years, and it became more and more boring. Even though the political and economical situation is one of the best in the world, I got tired of it.

    That's why I moved to Mexico recently. My employer made it possible for me to work in Monterrey, and I don't regret the decision of moving to this nice city in any way. It feels like home even though it's thousands of kilometres away from Germany, simply indescribable.

    Hopefully I can leave some holidays to explore the country and central America, maybe even the famous Panamericana.

    Btw: This is also the reason why you may be wondering who I am.8o My former name was TheBeaver, I simply adapted it to Spanish. It's also following Cervantes' famous fictional figure Don Quijote, fighting windmills and travelling without any destination...:D

    Currently I don't have much time left to spend here or driving my virtual coaches, but hopefully this will change during the upcoming months...:)

    Kind regards to everybody here!

    DenisVarlamov88 You're right, also in Dresden (

    ) there was a demonstration because the tourism sector expected more financial help and less strict regulations for transporting passengers on the coaches. Finally, now they can offer their trips again as long as every passenger on board keeps wearing a mask. At least this is the latest decision for German bus companies, maybe other members from different countries would like to tell about the regulations in their country.:)


    why in english or almand ? that's a problem for us .it's a global site .you must also to the translation. every time you comment to that


    1. pourquoi en anglais ou almand? c'est un problème pour nous. c'est un site mondial. vous devez également faire la traduction. chaque fois que vous commentez

    Well, those aren't my rules yacine20052019. There's no need to blame me. I will surely not use a translator to translate the messages of people not behaving according to the community rules.

    I can understand that people who don't speak at least one of these language may have communication difficulties, for example you or our Polish colleague Martin 40 Bus. He has been a good member of the forum and using a translator for a long time, too.

    As ben.m already mentioned, the background of this regulation is that TML can understand everybody here. They cannot allow any language and translate it in order to understand what's going on here, imagine what a chaos that would be...

    So please accept that rules and don't blame me for an issue that I cannot influence.


    And to get back to the topic: Will there take place more events in the Event Centre in Berlin? As far as I know the Mercedes-Benz minibus was not presented there.

    Kind regards.

    In my opinion it would be better for TML to participate as soon as there are announcable efforts to show to the people. You know, they cannot simply show the pre-version from two years ago if there is no new material to present, so I can understand that decision quite well.

    Furthermore, they'll have to discuss about the topic of TXL airport which is about to close now. If they don't have a good answer, people will likely declare the plan of integrating an (not actively existing) airport as strange. Also if BER will be missing, they won't meet with understanding.

    So it is important for them to prepare these topics before presenting any news of The Bus, otherwise there may be unpleasant situations for TML...

    Kind regards.

    Seems interesting, but not realistic. In reality, A 7 does not lead to the city of Kiel, but to the border with Denmark. Autobahns directly connecting A 7 with Kiel are A 210 and A 215.

    See also the Wikipedia entry:

    Or Google Maps:

    Maybe TML can add the mentioned Autobahns to provide more realism.

    Daniel F I absolutely agree that the TopClass of Setra, including S515, 516 and 517HDH as well as the S531DT you mentioned should become part of our virtual fleet.

    Volvo would also be very interesting since there isn't any model of this brand yet.

    In Europe there are no coaches with 4 axles, even though adding another axle makes more sense to me. The only bus with a fourth axle I know is a Mercedes-Benz city bus which is mostly used in Hamburg. It's even available as a DLC for OMSI 2.

    Kind regards.

    Quarney I'm not sure anymore if it was you, your predecessor or somebody else of you guys at TML. But I still remember that I asked whether the new MAN LC could be a possible DLC for the games. The answer was that your priority would be to first add new brands instead of new coaches of brands that already exist in the games, such as MAN.

    I don't want to put anybody in charge of giving wrong information to the community, I was just wondering whether plans have changed or if there's a new concept.

    Kind regards and stay healthy everybody!

    I'm not completely sure anymore, but I think TML mentioned that they would like to introduce some new brands before working on other models of brands that already exist in the games. But I hope this sweetie will be part of the fleet soon...^^:)