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    Daniel F I don't know what criteria the different antivirus programmes do exactly analyse, but probably they refer to different safety aspects. As far as I can remember Samsung's own antivirus software warned me about possible malware and adware. The same with McAffee. Avira only told me about adware.

    That's only my personal experience, but the YouTube videos I saw about Ovilex games were really nice to watch.:):thumbsup:

    Additionally, TML could at least change the reatrder sounds of the Comfort pass coaches: In reality they do sound similar to the retarder sound of the ingame MAN LC's. And if you use the retarder driving the Setra buses and release it, the sound keeps being reproduced as if the bus was completely slowed down. The same issue with the VDL coaches. But the retarder sounds of all the MAN vehicles and the Neoplan Skyliner work correctly.

    I don't want to be the one spreading bad mood, but I tried to install two games developed by Ovilex on my phone some months ago, but each of my 3 antivirus apps (!) advised me to uninstall them from my phone and not to open them...:/

    Well, in my opinion the map of Fuerteventura isn't that realistic. For example the desert that separates the Jandia region from the rest of the island, the northern Grandes Playas or the greenery in the north should be visible. Compare to the extract from HERE WeGo maps.

    So if the map of Fernbus Simulator will look like the current TBS map, I do rather dispense with this feature. But if they can manage to realize a map that is similar to a satellite map I would also very appreciate it.:)

    It comes from the German word "Karte" and it's a terrible translation. 😅

    Exactly, it's a typical German-English translation mistake. "Karte" in German can mean the thing you have in your wallet as well as e. g. a road map, postcard etc. That may happen sometimes (to me oftener:lol:), and since the problem is solved now, we can concentrate on the topic again.;)

    I also can't understand you well because I write with a miserable google translator

    maybe TheBeaver it will tell me what you wrote and then I will be able to ask.

    Yes of course Martin 40 Bus :

    PL: Oczywiście:

    awesome! BB40 and Scania both fantastic additions to the game.

    Anyone aware of this "card DLC" have I missed something?

    ben.m asked if anyone knows more details about the "card DLC" Quarney had mentioned. In this case, "card" means as much as "map", it's not that common, but sometimes people still use this different expression.

    PL: ben.m zapytał, czy ktoś zna więcej szczegółów na temat "karty DLC". Quarney wspomniał. W tym przypadku "karta" oznacza tyle samo co "mapa", nie jest to takie powszechne, ale czasami ludzie nadal używają tego innego wyrażenia.:)

    No, it is not planned for both games. The Bus will include this feature (I think for up to 8 players, I'm not sure anymore), but FBS and TBS won't.

    And PLEASE stop starting a new topic for each of your questions. There are sufficient threads that can be used, so there's no need to create new ones for such questions. I don't want to be rude, but it's getting annoying that you do only partially use the existing threads even if you are provided with the links directly and you don't even have to search for the existing threads in the forum anymore.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Hey there,

    please don't create an own thread for each singe idea. There are already threads for all the wishes and ideas in English and German, and they are also meant to be used. There all the ideas can be discussed freely, new created topics are mostly deleted because of the mentioned reason.

    Kind regards.

    especially on the island but also in Fernbus Gauggi

    The general idea to introduce new AI coaches in Fernbus Simulator is good, but I think it's impossible for TML to realize AI traffic with long trucks and buses/coaches on Fuerteventura; alreday now you can see the current difficulties with the cars and transporters, so I don't want to imagine a situation with buses and trucks. I think that would be too much traffic chaos on the island.