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    Surtur your content also additionally illustrates the work of TML STUDIOS is also needed so that a new colleague understands why there are 2 buses not all in the game. Let take advantage of the promotion currently at Aerosoft or wait for steam discounts and buy some additional bus. We all do this to support the company and make productions . Nibelungen

    It may look a bit strange but maybe I will explain something to you as I am from the beginning of Fernbus with TML STUDIOS.

    Nibelungen The company is not so big that it has a lot of money and does excellent work, there are updates, bug fixes and new functions and new content such as maps and vehicles, and there will be many more functions , manual gear, and much more. Many ideas are also introduced to players the company implements this . Currently, two games are being developed and THE BUS is in production, unfortunately you need funds to keep everything in the studio and employees, which is why DLC has paid buses but there are also free DLC and competitions to win something, you can also buy cheaper DLC at Aerosoft store and there will also be discounts on STEAM ,thank you

    There are some intersections still , AI vehicles do not recognize priority and there are blockades.

    There are not so many of them in the game this type of intersection in Koblenz, Loreley, Rudesheim am Rhein such small intersections in the game exactly it will be seen in my 2 hour movie which I will give in the movies Photo Fernbus section.

    Thank you good work TML STUDIOS , I know you're working on brightening the night for Fenrnbus coach simulator, Tourist bus simulator , that's great.

    I tested the game a bit seems it seems AI movement and other elements correctly mk0 .

    Now the night looks very dark.

    I wish all forum members and the TML STUDIOS team a lot of health and safety in relation to cornoavirus.

    I would ask for an answer because I think you all see that driving at night is not possible the ,image has become very dark it was already so good, can you brighten the picture at night, it concerns the game Toruist bus simulator , Fernbus coach simulator , please reply Kim MBO530

    Changelog 1.7.31641

    • AI traffic now correctly checks the collision of all vehicles
    • Fixed performance issues caused by certain vegetation
    • The standard repaint can now color predefined components
    • Fixed other graphical bugs

    DLC BB40

    • Fixed some material allocations of LODs

    Thank you mk0 , I will check and give a report I will do a game test, thank you for the work well done.

    Please brighten the night was much prettier and brighter in Fernbus, Tourist bus simulator now it is very dark and bad visibility at night again, earlier beta versions were very good for the night, the rest of the actions I correctly assess the versions :):thumbup:

    Please TML STUDIOS give a brighter night so that you can see more clearly about, Fernbus coach simulator , Tourist bus simulator ,

    Photos from the new BETA version at night are considered as dark.

    The matter is known that the night is dark it is not the fault of the dim lights but the dark image and the road Kadimbey , I hope that TML STUDIOS will do the image as it was , will make the night brighter.

    Timo you are already working on manual gear, clutch - it would be good to test it on my controller Thrustmaster T 300 RS GT, pedal T 3 PA PRO , Th8A Shifter , if you provide me with such files for the game I will check it well, before releasing this function it is worth checking carefully to set it to work properly, if you want such help, write to me. Force fadback I can also test changes.