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    Maybe I'll write here and it won't be removed because it's any topic.

    Quarney I don't have to apologize for being Fernbus from the beginning and I have helped a lot with this game and a friend from the forum.

    If everyone in the topic writes about the case and you only remove me and accuse me, it is not fair, know about it, because several people wrote about manual gear there. For which I should apologize all the time that I share in topics , can not write anything on the forum because you do not like it. The forum probably has a purpose, not blocking everyone's lips and closing topics. You only apply something like this .

    Everyone can have their own opinion , I would write a lot more, but every time I write it is fear because the reactions are often yours against what I think in the statements other , so I'm finishing this post.

    the manual gear function has long been awaited in the players environment and TML studios, said about this function GIL that he would like to have it this year, it would be great, I believe what I read on steam, This function will be at the end of this year or the beginning of next. Cuzzy [TML Studios] , the community told you that it is waiting for functions, you were shown a picture bus , I have written to you several times about it and you still don't understand I see. The tester MBO530 wrote it today.

    let's return to the topic of this thread.

    Hey guys,

    I think we just need to confirm it again: we're actually working on manual gear. Don't doubt whether it will be implemented, you just need to wait.:)

    This is very good news, the bus could wait and release manual gear first, :):thumbsup:, Quarney then after the bus we are waiting for manual gear.

    It should be added that the current buses and minibus will have the option to choose each vehicle separately with manual and automatic transmission, many players in the world have steering wheels and manual gear and want to drive this way, so everyone will be pleased and adapt the ride to their liking, as in the SCS SOFTWARE games, it is so done with every vehicle. nicobonan He also presented it perfectly well here. Each new vehicle will also be adapted in this way and this will apply to the current Fernbus coach simulator games, Tourist bus sumilator and the new THE BUS game with which maybe there will finally be MOD tools :) I think you understand clearly now Cuzzy [TML Studios] DenisVarlamov88

    even vehicles that do not have a manual gearbox will have them in the game, although most of them do as he said nicobonan .

    The community and the whole TML STUDIOS together with GIL want this function very much and it will implement it, we all look forward to it and we are happy, they had the opportunity to work with FANATEC equipment and introduce force fadbac, clutch, manual gear ect improvements. :thumbup::)

    Each bus will have the option to choose an automatic and manual gearbox, it is very simple as well as SCS games

    This feature is important and much expected in the community but also among the members of TML STUDIOS

    Manual gear is a very important function and expected by many players in the world, just like TML STUDIOS, it is great to drive a bus with manual gearbox Cuzzy [TML Studios] .

    Functions of pedestrians and passengers, new sound for buses, AI trains as well, but we've all talked about it many times, that's why we're waiting for it, car wash, econnomy, gas station sound animation,

    Quarney I have a proposition for you, :) will try to guess the new feature in one statement, will you reward me with free DLC , do you agree ;)

    A competition to win 3 DLC would be better here and additional interesting not everyone knows how to participate in the radio competition.

    I propose to play an additional competition here MBO530 :):thumbup:

    Pedestrians and passengers it would be great as well as manual gear, and the new sound of the buses. :)

    Quarney can we make a contest who will guess this new feature, he will receive a free prize upcoming DLC, what do you say ;)


    The light is too saturated - everything looks very white almost like a white bloom. What setting would affect this as nothing I have tried works?

    The elimination of white color and the brightness will not be ,already mentioned and this was also said by the testers here, the problem is known as I wrote for TML STUDIOS because it applies to both games, No settings will change this, we have to wait for the BETA version of the image update CheersDrive , TML STUDIOS is working on it, other bugs reported if they finish, there will be an update and we hope the image is correct then.

    Image adjustment only causes deterioration, it is not about reducing all settings and shifting the gamma, because it is too dark and worse, the settings are kept the same and here the brightness must be reduced as you know very well it is a problem in tourist bus simulator and here it is now in much too bright, adjust the image at least at the tuorist bus simulator level or the earlier version 1.25 and it will be very good Quarney , It shows it perfectly in the movies, photos and also pictures of colleagues, you can see this white,fog and it really spoils the colors, sharpness and realism, you can clearly see it I am writing about this matter because it is the essence of the simulator, I do not write it maliciously only to improve the game.

    In both cases, brightness and fog are dominant, so the colors and sharpness are spoiled, go back to the first page, I have given photos from the game there and the photo old version at the bottom for comparison is definitely better there. There is nothing to come up with, the image will be changed because it is confirmed by TML STUDIOS and what I wrote about earlier is true, you will find out tomorrow, will inform about it Quarney

    current version: bad picture too bright

    old version very good

    Surtur because of this bright image, the AI vehicles look very pale bad, in the current version of the game, the first photo of the MAN bus.

    in the old version of the game the image is less bright no fog and heavy goods vehicles look great clearly sharp the same sky is better and all the colors of the bus, asphalt ,grass great are irrefutable evidence, the settings game are always the same. photo Scania Polonus bus

    Natural image never looks and the adjustments here will not change anything because you have to play at the highest settings, there is a mistake with the lighting with its brightness, which is clearly visible in everyone, there is fog, TML STUDIOS and the testers Maximus have already clearly said here that the image changes will have to be be darker. Currently it spoils the terribly natural view so it does not exist in the real world and white milk because it spoils all the sharpness and colors, this bug is also less in the game Tourist bus simulator and posted Quarney that it will be corrected there, and here it is much worse and also needs to be fixed, the current image is unacceptable and anyone who has good eyesight, a good monitor and real thinking knows perfectly well that the current image is too bright, there is no need here to discuss ,fix it and to issue a patch to the BETA version.

    manual settings do not change anything, I have the same all the time and it is too bright and foggy

    I do not agree with you the version is for BETA 1.26 to change it, the present image of most of the forum do not like what they expressed their opinion and liked my post, they themselves show a bad image in their reports. This is what beta versions are for to change, not to leave something bad behind, and you probably haven't read what he wrote Quarney , Tourist bus simulator of the game lighting bad and will be changed now additionally Fernbus has it spoiled very much. You will find that on Monday it will confirm TML STUDIOS that changes to the lighting image must be applied. Reduce fog and white brightness. Because currently playing is not real and good. I was right with Toursit bus simulator and there will be changes and here I am also right Cuzzy [TML Studios] , I am waiting for a response Quarney

    Maximus MBO530 let him say whether this image is good or change it, being a tester has a lot to say as well.

    Maximus also confirmed that it is too bright image and there will be changes to the game lighting in version 1.26 Beta.