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    Great news is that 3 buses have been improved in physics





    Will also be improved in physics VDL bus and 3 vehicles jeep with tourist bus simulator, because I do not know it and the community Gil mk0

    The new THE BUS game will have ATRON drivers also for tickets. :):thumbup: be it these models or others on bus TML STUDIOS.

    I hope that in the game there will be an option to turn off the sale of tickets as it is in OMSI 2, not everyone likes to sell tickets while driving.

    This is a very good idea if you can also enter pedestrians on belts and traffic lights TheBusDriver113 :):thumbup:, additionally, on the sidewalks and on the bus, get in and out at the bus stop without people disappearing. If you manage to do it and add AI trains to places like USEDOM it will be a great thing for all players as well as for the TML STUDIOS team :), So you should wait patiently after publishing the map of France for the appearance of pedestrians but very interesting topics are on the forum that help everyone and teach it valuable. When I think about the pedestrians, I see it in my head, I am already happy :lol:

    Pedestrians will come to Fernbus. Unfortunately, we cannot further delay DLC France. Any citiy feels a bit empty without pedestrians, not just Paris.


    We're focusing on the mainland of France.

    We are very happy that there will be pedestrians at Fernbus, however, most think I prefer to move the map of France later and get the pedestrians Gil first. But I respect your choice that first France and then we hope will eventually be pedestrians and passengers. I am glad that you perfectly understand that pedestrians are a very important issue in simulators because it gives realism real life Gil mk0 ,regards

    The problems are certain and Gil is right, however, you must enter the traffic paths on the whole map and pedestrians in several cities and then add to the whole map. TML STUDIOS, if he wants to, will do the pedestrians as a priority and we count on it. It is manageable and also AI trains to incline Tourist bus simulator it shows and it's the same game engine. In my opinion, TML STUDIOS should do it in the first place because it is the basis and expectations of big players I remember already talks with the head Tom in January that pedestrians are a priority. It would be nice to be answered by someone from TML STUDIOS because of these conversations and the question as it will be because everyone wants to know when they will be pedestrians and whether they are doing work in this direction , empty railroad tracks at USEDOM spoil the game when there are AI trains in the Fernbus game

    Windows C: USER/ YUO NAME/AppData/Local/Fernbus/Saved/SavedGames - here should be the files of the saved game but this is a malfunction, propose each time you finish the game, copy yourself for security and in the event of an accident, you will always add it to the game, copy it to this place.

    however, do it first, maybe it will fix your game, check the integrity of the game files.

    if it's not good I can send you my game saved and it will unlock all cities, but it will be my game state.

    I agree, we've all seen the massive France cities like Paris, Perpignan. Without pedestrian, they still look empty, lifeless. So, with the pedestrian, France would absolutely looks better. I hope pedestrian function would have higher priority after they get the physics and performance done.

    This must be the whole game Fernbus not only France itself, all games must have pedestrians and passengers because if their absence has nothing to do with the reality and elegance. You can see perfectly the beauty in the pictures with OMSI 2 when the pedestrians are walking on the lanes are on the streets, this should be a priority for TML STUDIOS. In fact, when they released the game, pedestrians should be already, but it can now be done after such a long time. MBO530

    Pedestrians and passengers must be in the entire game Fernbus, Tourist bus simulator, The bus is the basis of realism and reality of the game. Then the game looks real and it is very nicely emphasized by many players. Photos juls2008 they show exactly this realism and beauty I hope that TML STUDIOS understands this perfectly and maybe something will tell us about it because the world must have people on the streets and passengers. Otherwise it looks very badly empty it can be seen in Fernbus now. Tourist bus simulator is much better now. We all ask you to prioritize and first introduce pedestrians and passengers as well as AI trains and then to do other content. Also, the manual gearbox is very much awaited but the first pedestrians and passengers.

    Tourist bus simulator - economic game, running a business.

    Fernbus coach simulator - free transport, points in the game ranking

    if you have DLC BUNDESLIGA FERNBUS - you get the economics task of transporting the players to the stadium, repairing cars, gas stations and many content. which is possible that they will also be at FERNBUS introduced by TML STUDIOS it is possible