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    Hi everyone,

    Here comes the first message from me. I love game quite much and the improvements are just fine. My suggestions are:

    - The amount passengers should be linked to the way the coach's driving skill. More points = more passengers (I don't know if we already have the system - the most passengers i had were 12 people up to now in a 48 seated bus)

    - In game gallery might be fine.

    - There should be tasks/economy system in the main game like we have in the football team dlc. It would be fantastic to buy service items for passengers like food, drink etc.

    Edit: There should be more traffic penalties in this economic system.

    - More busses in the traffic would be better. Looks like we need variation of AI cars and busses.

    Edit: Physics: Its good to have slow down on the ramps (we didn't have it earlier in the release) but also other cars should be affected as well. There's also no need to the limiter (100 kph) if we have a traffic penalty system.

    That's all for the first message. Thank you for hardworking. It's really appreciated.