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    Actually, I was trying to stick to the original design as much as possible. I just didn't like the wheels being all white, but I'm not yet a hundred that I'll keep them as they are here. I might very well change it back to all white or something else, though not to the chrome ones. :)

    One example of the original design can be seen here:

    I'd like to take a moment to share my latest repaint project with you all.

    I present to you the Corsairbus operator design.

    Corsairbus is a fictional operator based upon one of the largest Danish operators, Vikingbus. Vikingbus is also the Danish partner of the GPN - Global Passenger Network.

    MAN Lion's Coach

    I'm currently working on adapting it for the MAN Lion's Coach C, after which I'll be making it available on the Steam Workshop as well as here on the TML Community forums. I'm planning on doing the repaint for both the Neoplan Skyliner and the ComfortClass'es as well, but we'll see how that turns out.

    I'd love to hear any feedback you might have.

    Thank you, Yannick. Yeah, I had hoped that I was just somehow stupid, but trial and error is the way to go then. I'll definitely have a look at what you did with that repaint though. Again, thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!

    Not quite. You will need both those definitions I gave you in your file. One of them is for the outside, and the other is the inside which is automatically rendered based on the texture you provide.

    So your .repaintinfo file should look like this:

    As to the location of the exterior.png - the paths in this file are relative to itself. So with the path being like above, the game will look for it in the same folder as this file. Or in other words, in the same place as your blrpcoachc.png texture.

    Hi there,

    I'm currently working on a repaint project that requires me to have the back sides multi-colored, with the split being in line with the windows on the sides. However, due to the back sides being curved, I can't seem to figure out how to actually make a straight line right there. Simply making a straight line directly on the texture is obviously not going to work, but doing so does show that the curve is not even the same on both sides.. which is a bit annoying.

    I just can't seem to hit the right angle for it. Whatever I try, it just seems to be jagged (the image below is an example to illustrate my issue, obviously it's going to be more smooth).

    Are there any veterans out there that can share some tips with a newbie in this field, on how to deal with this?


    That's due to it using the default textures for the windows. To override it, create a 4096x4096 px transparent PNG and append the following to the TextureInfos section in your .repaintinfo file:

    The name of your file doesn't have to be exterior.png, you can name it whatever you like.