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    I will see if my mind will change in the future about Lotus, if so: then I will donwload that "rail lotus" back. If not: then nothing 😅. But we will see.

    Yes, hadi, thanks for giving the extended answers to my questions :):thumbup:

    This is a common problem in all games and simulators when there is not enough RAM and it knocks out. It's good when there is an opportunity to put 32 gigabytes and you can forget about everything ^^

    Well, since you also have LOTUS in stock, I think that very soon we will be able to meet on the map of Berlin :S

    Nah, I deleted that stupid game a long time ago. Poor graphics, bad engine, devs are really, really rude. Mostly negative reviews on steam (even when I bought it, nothing changed). And we can keep going on. I hate that game. That's why, when I saw tramsim being announced, I immediately deleted Lotus. This is maybe a rude opinion but a fact 😅

    Hi, sorry for the very late responds. I'll try to give you a clear answer to all the questions.

    First things first, the physics are "ok". Nothing more, nothing less (if that's even proper English). If you are driving a bit faster you will start to notice that this a tram with just basic physics. The physics do become bad the moment you have poor specs and low graphics. The tram starts to de-rail for some reason and the game sometimes crashes (because of a memory leak). Not only that but many times you will pass a AI tram that doesn't have a cabine. They claim that this a issue on unreal side but I doubt that tbh. In general, like I stated above, they are ok.

    As for the second question: yes, I will buy that tramsim: Munchen as players like me who bought the previous lotus project will get 75% off when buying the tramsim version of munchen. So I will buy it and also because I like Munchen. I had plenty of fun when I played it on Lotus.

    I saw the weather video, they dropped it on their discord and Instagram. I like it, we will have to see how it plays out in the game as they are working not only on rain but also on snow falling, wind, etc with phyiscs like the tram sliding when it rains.

    The reason why they decided to make it two seperate games is so that people could choose which one they like, but this is all BS and not true to my understanding. They just had sound files and everyting form the previous project and because they couldn't finish it, they tried to make a new game with the same textures, building, etc. Now, they said that if tramsim vienna recieves a update, Munchen will get that too. Not only that, you will be able to drive all trams across both games.

    So I hope I gave enough information 😃

    It's been a long time that somebody dropped something here, so I will: they announced today on their nextsim event that a new tramsim game is coming (the previous project got cancelled so they made it from scratch now) which is called: tramsim munich; have a look:

    Good to hear! I can't wait the day the real sounds are added and the phyics getting improved, The Bus will get insanely good 😁.

    why did you leave Quarney? Bit sad to see you go but that's life sometimes ^^. To you the same, stay safe out there :)

    hadi it is not final now maybe Belgium will get the original traffic lights

    I hope so, but because they have a steam page now and if you look at the pictures they are still the same. I doubt that they are going to change them. I mean, in DLC france they weren't different from the base game.

    I'm looking forward! I live in Belgium myself and even though the traffic lights are not real at all! Just like the traffic signs above the lights, I can say that the rest like central station antwerp and Brussels are authentic!

    DenisVarlamov88 Fabian wrote that he has no plans to add subtitles to this video, although other videos have subtitles. This is like disrespecting the non-English speaking part of the community. In the Russian community, people are waiting for news about The BUS and this video would be very useful, but now there is no point in publishing it. I am very sorry that the publisher, represented by Aerosoft, treats its own community in this way.:|

    It's difficult. Fabians is not just "fabian", he is the manager or whatever from aerosoft. He is responsible to give devdiaries from different game each time in German and English. Which is not that easy. He is also working with devs who have issues. Like that game called: On the road, he had to go and contact playstation, logitech, etc to fix a issue that the game had before. Because the game was ported to console but with many bugs. He has probably some other things to worry about. If i'm not mistaken, André even said that he had zero time to even make any devdiary as he was moving and he had to much work to keep up with that he didn't even had time to update the community. So he has not much time on his hands. I do feel you however. But it is just impossible to translate the game in to every language possible. Because, if you ask for Russian, somebody else is going to ask for French, somebody else is going to nag about Dutch, etc. But again, I get you point :).

    we have zero idea of what the map modding tools are going to look like. The only thing I can recommend you to do is check the roadmap on trello:

    also, opening a thread everytime for every question is a bit too much. If you want a good chat or have any questions, for that I recommend you to join the discord server of TML. The devs are there, as well as the people who own the game. You will get news faster there than here, etc ;)

    I am unsure which route it was but i was following the route marked out but ran into an invisible wall where i couldn't reverse or reset the bus as it was constantly stuck in the wall so i had to abandon the route all together and restart a new route. Pic below showing invisible wall with the route on other side.

    Don't forget to try the latest beta update. Go to the beta tab when you right click the game on steam, choose the "beta-beta" and keep it that way, every week we can expect bug fixes but they always go in beta before they are released. Just like this navigation issue, it should been improved in the (last two) beta update(s).