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    I think the TML team just doesn't have the time for translating at the moment. In my opinion, this task should be taken over by the publisher, because the publisher is also responsible for marketing tasks.

    Now, good you are saying it, because fabian is the head of the publishing company (Aerosoft) :)

    Gil looks tired. Looks like Quarney words were really true about the TML-Studios team working day and night :sleeping:

    Thank you for this hard work by TML-Studios and for keeping your promises regarding the release. Take care of yourself and thank you for your work! This is valuable. :thumbup:<3

    This game looks good, don't know what resolution they showed all of those teaser, but the textures look very, very n,ice.

    and also, when right clicking on steam, you can see that this game supports steam cloud saving (which is just great!) but it doesn't seem to work. It always says (even a couple of updates ago it was still the same) that its using 0 from the available 90GB(!) of cloud saving. Could you also fix this issue, thank you :)

    hadi, could you provide a screenshot from the road section please?

    Now, to be able to know where exactly the issue i got stuck is, i need to plug my wheel in start the game up, drive to that place, its to much for me. So instead, i started the game up and took a screenshot and highlighted the part of the map where the issue is. I hope this helps. Its a brown sort of sand road that you will get after exiting the highway.

    Thank you so much for this information you

    About an update for FBS and TBS, we of course haven't forgotten about it and most of your reports have already been fixed

    Very nice that this week we will get a date for the bus, finally! :). But abou this sentence, did you see the report i did in the update 9 of tourist bus section in this forum. I didn't know where to put it and had this issue for a long time, so could you say if these issues i have are fixed or not.

    Kind regards and thank you so much for the information you are giving, waay better than before, i like it ;)

    So it has been a long time since the game has been update and i know you are focusing on the bus (which is just great) but i tought i would give you a couple of bugs in tourist bus, since i play that game waay more than fernbus. When you go from Moro Jable to Cofete, there is a bumpy road, a sort of "off road" section, that needs to be checked again as there are multiple parts where my bus can't go or my force feedback is going crazy (because i get stuck). So i need to turn off my force feedback and then drive back and forth like crazy just to pass one part of that section. I'm driving the little man bus, that not so long ago released. The man Lion's intercity, bus still i hit multiple parts of the road underneath my bus and get stuck. But my biggest irritation, when hitting F11 key the screen goes from full screen to windowed mode, then when you hit it again it becomes normall but even do the setting say: 1440p its not, you have to go to graphics settings and just apply again and it does something and becomes normal. I hope you can fix this in the future. I'm in the beta section. Sorry for the bad english, i hope you understand.

    hadi - Well it's no secret "The Bus" is being internally tested ;), there was a thread on it about a Month ago I think, but do not worry, you guys are probably about one month away from seeing more for yourselves, of course all our attention right now is on "the bus" as has been made quite clear I think by the lack of Updates for Fernbus/Tourist Bus so far in 2021, but once "the bus" is into EA, things should go back to a more normal state with terms of update for Fernbus & Tourist Bus, we're already planning to push Update 28 for Fernbus to BETA before Easter, we know people want "the bus" to be as good as possible so that's why we're trying to be as transparent with the community as much as possible regarding developments to the game etc... we do not want a repeat of Fernbus at launch so we're being extra attentive on making sure the bus is in a reasonable state when you guys get to play for the first time, even though of course it will still be in Early Access and therefore issues are to be expected.

    Best Regards.

    I'm haven't said anything bad about the way you guys test this game :). I like it actually. About that thread, i know, i saw it. But i never bodered to say anything about it. I just let it be as it is. And yes, we definitely want to avoid previous issues tml had when launching games. With all of this testing, we can definitely get a better performing game even do its in EA. I personally can't wait when this game releases. i waited since the original video of this game (bakc in 2017) but we never got to see it in action except from some videos and pictures. Btw, speaking of "releases", didn't you guys said in the german thread on discord that this week we will get a release date? :/.

    I am thrilled with this game and I am looking forward to early access. Kudos indeed to all the developers. But I would like to ask a question, how will THE BUS be optimized? Because in the released videos I saw that there are still some microlag problems.

    according to what MBO530 said on discord to mine message, this is a NextSim release version, the version that they have running now, is much, much better than that version.

    Here in belgium you have diffrent bus companies, but here in Antwerp, we have delijn. Delijn has diffrent busses but i picked my favorite busses.

    lets start with the vanhool newag330 with numbers, as far as i know these busses are from 2007 (if i'm not mistaken):

    then, because some of the earlier models are started to become quite old, delijn did put a order back then of some newer models, that are way nice, comfortable, etc:

    they look the same, but the inside, engine sound, comfort are waay, waay diffrent. But was is the same is the rear axle of these busses are the same, they turn in the opossite direction than the front wheels so that when you turn, you don't have to take a wide turn, just make a short one. This makes it so much easier as here in Belgium we have a lot of small roads

    then after that, delijn has decide to only buy euro 6 engine busses and because they like to keep busses running for around 10 years approximately, they wanted something not expensive, while also having that euro 6 engine. So they decided to go with iveco, not the best busses in my opinion but atleast something better then those old vanhool busses:

    In the mean time they bought many other models but here around the city of Antwerp we don't see anything else driving around that those busses. Except for when the first hybrid busses came alone, these where the VDL CITEA SLF-120:

    thats it for Antwerp. But now for Brussels and this is a big one, they have made project to let people go through the city of Mechelen to Brussels airport in less than 20 minutes, to do that they needed a nice big buss that has everything in it, so they went with the Vanhool Exquicity 24 (hybrid variant):

    as last, i hope you enjoy this, sorry for my bad english btw :)

    What If....the bus is going to look like this, that would be the story....:)