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    Also, we have this game coming up and also another game (from the same russian devs who made "bus driver simulator") called "bus world" where you drive through the city of chernobyl. But they already delayed it, not mine type of game, but still another bus game non the less.

    I still don't believe this game is near to release, even as Early Access.

    It is 1184 days since my first reply in the first page of this topic. I'm waiting anxiously for it now.

    Don't forget, the map is 1:1 and they are, what, with 20 people working at tml? So not a whole lot of people to make a big game with 1:1 map and add (later on) multiplayer and so on. Its a big project, but i see where you coming from, from 2017 and now only early acces, but its better EA then releasing a game where the a.i. ignores traffic lights, you remember those days? :D

    I was interested to know, how the announcer sounds like on the berlin busses, when i found the first video on youtube, i founded something interesting.

    I think this guy that you are about to hear, sound like Chris from TML STUDIOS, or is that just me?

    I've linked the video at the right time that he is about to speak.

    Sorry Quarney, don't know where to put this video, if this is allowed even here, but was interested to know if this is really Chris

    After watching this video, I get the impression that this game is for the Android platform =O These buses look old :|

    First "Blue Bird", and now this ;(

    Thats maybe because they where in contact a long time ago, before the game even was announced (or rather "teased") so they couldn't have chosen the newest model, they chose the model that was the "latest" back at that time. Because licensing isn't a easy thing to do. Look at ets2, back when they wanted to license the latest renault truck, they just couldn't because the badge of renault trucks is also part of the volvo group (trucks group). So its either that or they just went with the best they could afford in terms of licensing and also, in terms of their budget. I don't know, the game doesn't look so promising like bus sim 18 did back when it released. But we will see, otherwise i will just by the bus, their i think it would defenitly be cool because its a 1:1 map (of berlin?) and also the cars and the bus(ses) look so much cooler than bus sim 21 does. But we will see....

    Btw, is their anything new to announce? :)

    Guys, no one is forcing you to buy the game in Early Access. If this approach is unacceptable for you, then just wait for the finished and full version of the game to be released. Early Access will be of interest to enthusiasts and those players who want to help TML-Studios develop a game. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Thats what i wanted/was trying to say :)

    I'm not against the idea, in fact, i'm definitely going to buy the game!

    No Early Access, just work on it, finish it.

    Well, i must say, thats way to late to say it :lol:. Why you might ask, well, Because they have a publisher aerosoft, they need to talk to them first before making any decision.

    So instead of saying wait till its good to get released, is a bit easy to say especially because tml isn't a big studio, so they need to have customer feedback before releasing any game, which is someting good, instead of rushing like fernbus and tourist bus simulator, this is the best option that they have. And also be happy, the game isn't going to cost the full release price, first its start off cheap and then the more they get to the full release, then the people who just tuned in, need to pay the full price, while we got it for cheap and just waited the fases without paying anything extra, which is a nice thing. But i get you're point. But times have changed, where are the time when you got a cd game, but never got game updates? Well, time have changed.

    PS: i'm not bad, just wanted to comment :P

    I know it will upset many people here but, I wish not to see this highly expected game to be in Early Access, LOTUS did it and now look what's happened? ViewApp who were a primary dev for LOTUS has now released their own Simulator.

    Well, good comparison you have, because what Viewapp did was a nice step they made, now they have more experience to make, thats why the game has so many bugs to fix, but they promised so many things and i see that they now are more "reliable" (if thats even the right word to use) than when they where with LOTUS. They even have a so called "devupdate" where they talk every two weeks about things that are going to come in the game, just wow! Many people should learn from such devs, yeay they are not the best, but good enough for me :). And also, LOTUS has ZERO(!) future in the game.

    but i'm not here to make arguments, just wanted to respond on you're comment ^^

    Don't forget, its their first time working with unreal engine as a whole game, before they only made extensions for LOTUS and OMSI 2, but yes you are right, their are many, many bugs and glitches. But we will wait, next week only bug fixes they said, mid-november a update for IBIS and that you can get out you're tram to change the switch. And a big "christmas update". I'm excited for those updates, for now not much, but also love to see the development. Also for a first whole game, i have to say, i'm impressed that it has so much possitive reviews on steam. :)

    I didn't buy, i would love to, but the price where it is at now, is to high for just one route.

    I'm still thinking. Because I love buses and trolleybuses more, but now I'm thinking about purchasing a tram simulator for a change :thumbsup:

    First, I want to watch a video of the full route on the day of release, then make a choice. I really liked the city of Vienna.

    I was in the real city of Vienna a few years ago, and after watching the last video, memories came flooding back to me. Even the stops are in their places. I don't want to advertise this simulator here, but I liked it ;)

    something for you, some gameplay in russian, but atleast everything else is in english:

    Coronavirus reaches the virtual city of Vienna in TrainSim

    yes! I have seen it two. By the way, people are so crazy about corona that they can fly from one side of the road to the other and the a.i. vehicles are also not happy about it, they get stuck at a green traffic light :lol::D

    PS: are you going to buy the game?

    Well thats the problem, i can't get my money back, its now monts ago since i bought dusseldorf DLC. But now passengers, not nothing. The reason that i'm angry at those people is, because they are only with 2 people. :lol::lol: So you do expect A.I, but i think it will be as simple as the Ai cars, to simple for the price you pay. By "simple" i mean just teleporting, but i mean in Munchen DLC they were first, so we will see. In the mean time, have fun, those developers don't deserve to be get paid for stuff they can't make. And the funny thing about them? Every time you complain they are not happy, or they say that the DLC is not ours, but then why allow DLC's :lol::lol:. So i've given up on them, i'm now focusing on Tramsim and the bus.

    I am in the Beta version but I have flicked between the versions a few times over the past year and found no difference.

    alright, did the nvidia option made a diffrence for you?

    Otherwise, maybe the support team of tml would help you, just make a ticket. But i think what they are going to say to you...

    This bus is also exported to the LOTUS-Simulator.

    In the ETS-2, this bus just looks perfect. I liked the ride in the rain at high fps. The video runs very smoothly 8|

    But it seems to me that the city bus in the ETS-2 is almost useless. Unless, of course, a city with stops is built there ^^ :thumbsup:

    Unless this bus can be used for short-distance travel between cities.

    i find it funny that you support Lotus simulator, their is nothing their, i spended almost 80 euro for nothing :P:D