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    Fernbus Beta update 1.20.25116:

    - Game does not remember the texture that you have downloaded from steam workshop and chose for your coach - when you save the game and reload from the save, it reverts the coach to original Flixbus textures.

    - Trees in the road in Kassel.

    - All Textures slow to load/render on coaches when choosing them in the customisation menu.

    - Wheelie bins are possessed and move like they have a mind of their own.

    - Coach runs out of fuel quickly.

    - Negative points for refuelling, even though you need to refuel because your nearly out of fuel.

    - Negative Points for resting, even though you’re resting at a bus stop/service area.

    - AI coaches have grey front windscreen.

    New Bugs discovered:

    - Above screenshot shows bridge (Orange Line) between Sellin and Stralsund, when driving over this bridge, it is not level with the road and causes a "steering misbehaviour" when driving over it.

    Kind Regards.

    Fernbus Beta Update 1.20.25116:

    - Loading times better now.

    - Loading/rendering of coach textures that was downloaded from Steam Workshop still slow.

    - Game still runs perfectly fine @ 30FPS no issues on DX11, (Update: gains of about 5-7FPS on DX12 Beta Test).

    - No pop-up for enabling DX12 Beta Test. (Update: Required PC restart before DX12 beta test pop-up appeared).

    Other Bugs from 1.20.24913:

    - Fatal Errors upon game start-up still occurring, although it’s sporadic now, not every time.

    Kind Regards.

    mk0 - it appears Beta Build 1.20.28914 fixes the number plate bug, and the light box bug also, will keep an eye out on the possible rain rendering on the front windscreen of coaches whilst in tunnels, see if it’s a rendering issue.

    Kind Regards.

    mk0 - it is possible the rain in the tunnels between Konstanz and Zurich, is just a glitch on the rain being rendered on the coach front windscreen, and not rain in the tunnel itself.

    And the number plate bug only affects when your home city is for example Zurich (in a city which is included in the Austria/Swiss DLC, I changed my home city to Dortmund in Germany and the plate now works fine, just limited to Austria/Swiss DLC I believe)

    Kind Regards.

    Update 1.20.24864

    New Bugs:

    - Skybox bugged out, sun rising at 3AM and not changing from light to dark correctly, staying light until 11PM then all of a sudden it goes dark and moon appears

    What’s Changed?

    - City of Dortmund no longer causes lag when combination of awaiting departure time and a lot of vehicles spawned in.

    - Bug that caused a black bar on S516HD front passenger door fixed.

    - Bus stop areas now react correctly to being toggled ‘on’ or ‘off’.

    - Rear windows now render textures correctly, and display correctly.

    - Trees now look more realistic and not alien like.

    What needs improving?

    - rear vent still displays second piece of vent over top of existing one.

    - AI intelligence is still lacking, especially when it comes to lane merging and AI wishing to change lanes.

    - Number plates still are not displayed correctly on player coach. (Only affects you when you choose your home city in Switzerland or Austria).

    - rain in the tunnel between Konstanz and Zurich still shows.

    - invisible walls in Konstanz.

    Kind Regards.

    Update 1.20.24602 - New Bugs.

    - side rear vents on comfort class coaches are bugged out, shows vents with another piece of vent on top of the existing one.

    - rear window on some comfort class coaches is bugged, doesn’t render textures correctly.

    - front passenger door on comfort class S516 doesn’t render textures correctly, shows black piece.

    - Trucks are flipped over by invisible ramps in some cities, causing erroneous accident notifications.

    - despite traffic light flow of vehicles being “improved” Dortmund still becomes gridlocked due to AI causing traffic jams.

    - number plate text doesn’t update when changing the text.

    - bus stop areas are permanently visible irrespective of whether you have the option toggled on or off.

    - severe lag/hanging when combination of waiting at Dortmund bus stop and high volume of vehicles are spawned in (does not occur in other cities)

    What’s improved?

    - performance on machine is noticeably better.

    - unreal engine is more forgiving to the PC components.

    - game is overall more stable on 1.20 than on 1.19

    What i would like to see added in the future?

    - passengers walk into the bus like tourist bus sim

    - more airports added into the game (Stuttgart, Berlin etc...)

    - ability to have to maintain coaches in main fernbus game like football team bus DLC and tourist bus sim.

    - a UK DLC (it would be interesting to see all the Europeans have to contend with driving on the left :P )

    - Dynamic coach stations (where AI coaches actually arrive, pick up passengers then leave again)

    - AI coaches drive around in cities (not just on the autobahn)

    - AI coaches also spawn as Neoplan Skyliner and comfort class.

    - ability to drive the route you have just driven in reverse (eg first drive stops 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 then turn around and drive stops 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

    - seaports added into the game

    Kind Regards.

    Beta Hotfix 1.20.24602 - Questions.

    - Has the invisible wall issues in Konstanz been fixed? (Update - Not Fixed)

    - Has the trees on the road in Germany been fixed? (Update status not known)

    - Has the rain and speed limit issues in the tunnel between Konstanz and Zurich been fixed? (Update - Not Fixed)

    - Has the number plate issues been fixed? (Update - Not Fixed)

    - Has the fatal error upon startup been fixed? (Update - Fixed)

    - What other issues are due to be fixed soon?



    About the dynamic weather - Dynamic Weather doesn't work in the sense that when you select a different weather and then change back to dynamic weather, the previously selected weather remains active.

    do you have a update on the other bugs reported?

    - the fatal error bug occurs upon starting the game when you first bootup your computer, it occurs everytime (screenshot attached).

    - any information about the incorrect speed limits in the tunnel linking Zurich and Konstanz?

    - any information about the rain in the tunnel linking Zurich and Konstanz?

    - any information about the invisible walls in Konstanz?


    Fernbus 1.20.24174 Beta Bugs

    1) All number plates on coaches are showing ERR-31892 instead of correct city identifier example: ZH-31892.

    2) Comfort Class S517 HD model is broken, wheels misaligned and texture location broken.

    3) Passengers don't walk onto the bus.

    4) tunnel linking Zurich with Konstanz is glitched, the sections where the tunnel has areas to pull into and stop at show rain coming into the tunnel and show a speed limit of 100 kph.

    5) when using the full screen map, it's zoomed out, and not focused on your current route.

    6) sometimes get fatal error notifications, mostly occurring upon starting the game, but also occurring when in-game and in the Football team bus DLC.

    7) Cars enter Zurich spawn point area.

    8.) invisible walls on roads in Konstanz have not been fixed.

    9) Dynamic weather broken and not working.

    10) repaints slow to render (10-20 Seconds).

    11) AI blocks junctions and causes traffic jams.