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    That is some good news. TML-Studios has always been improving their games since Fernbus. After they develop "The Bus," then we could hope for another WoS game to be in development.

    But for now, this post is a concept of what another WoS game would look like using next-gen technology and TML-Studios' mechanics that were featured in their various simulation games. Thanks for the compliment!

    Since there is not going to be another World of Subways game coming anytime soon, I have made this forum to share my ideas on what another World of Subways game would look like. But before I move on to my suggestions, I would want to talk about how I know the game, but I haven't played it.

    A few years ago, I have got World of Subways 3 for my old PC. It works fine, but the controls are the hard part. I know that it takes a long time to understand how the game works. Until now, I tried to get all four World of Subways games during the sale earlier this month, but I checked the reviews and I see that the game is having compatibility issues on newer PCs, so I never purchased the games. I was familiar with a few train simulators such as Trainz and MSTS, they were fun to play for me, but I still do not fully understand how to operate trains in the game.

    And now, here are suggestions for what a new World of Subways game would look like.

    NOTE: This post does not relate on adding these features to World of Subways 4 or any other WOS title. Instead, it focuses on a new World of Subways game.

    1. Setting

    Like WOS 1 & 4, the setting should be in New York. Rather than focusing one specific line (Like the 7 line), the game focuses on all routes of the NYCT, especially the SIRT & PATH (As seen in WoS 1, but with graphical improvements).

    2. Trains

    In this game, the player would drive trains of different eras around the lines as they would wish. However, earning these trains comes with a challenge. To unlock these trains, the player would have to complete certain missions in career mode (Explained later below.).

    3. World

    Rather than having the lines separate, all the lines will be merged into one big open-world level without any sudden loading zones that freeze the game for a few seconds. It would feature dynamic weather while driving above ground, and trains may be able to switch routes while driving the train.

    4. Depots

    Like WOS4, there would be other depots in other boroughs. Players can drive their trains to these depots to have their train fixed.

    5. NPCs

    The NPC characters are likely the same from other WOS games, but they now can wander through the subway stations. In rush hours, there could be over a hundred NPC characters waiting for the train.

    6. Career Mode

    Career Mode, as briefly explained earlier, is a gamemode where you play as a subway driver, driving through various subway lines. Rather than interacting with NPC characters in the Depot for missions, they are now given in the form of an e-mail on your computer. Your home is the hub for where you can select which missions to play in or explore. Some e-mails contain a side mission.

    7. Exploration

    Like other subway simulation games, the player can walk inside the subway tunnels and further explore the metro system. Be on the lookout for surprises, and watch out for the other trains!

    8. Passenger Mode

    This game mode will allow the player to play as a passenger.

    9. Special Route: Staten Island Railway

    10. Game Engine

    Unlike other WOS titles, the game would be produced using UE4.

    11. Ray Tracing

    12. Multiplayer

    The game will support 64-player multiplayer as players can choose a role: Drivers or Passengers.

    13. VR Support

    14. Mod Tools

    Players will use Mod Tools to create their custom routes/trains

    15. Freeplay

    Players can practice driving the subway train or for fun.

    16. iOS and Android Versions

    17. Steam, Epic Games store & GOG

    Similar to Paradox's strategy, the game will release on all launcher platforms.

    18. Workshop

    19. Change signs in subway trains (Like in OpenBVE)

    20. Train Physics

    That is all I have for my ideas for a new World of Subways title. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to post below.

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