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    for those that have applied you are all set up and responded to. With your login and pass for the virtual bank and your bus numbers. You are in the trip logger and repair logger systems. Have a goodnight gents i live in NYC so please bare with the time difference TY again for jumping into the deep end with me and trying this out.

    i got already two operators budd, one from the tml community another from the ets2 community. Yeah martin on the website its all there. But you have to send the company an email with a lil info like your name and what bus you want to lease. Once we ger that email we will set you up on our discord and our virtual bank and also give you a bus number. But i remember you saying that you didnt want to do the email thing

    thats amazing but how would i keep track of that type of stuff. With just the maintenance alone if you see on the website i put the kilometers that the bus would need a type of service supervisors would look at the logs and see which bus driver needs to be alerted if they arent keeping track of their bus maintenance.

    i see what you mean. The reason i want to simulate the bus needing maintenance again is to give incentive to drive and add a lil more to the game. I get building up points, but whats the end goal with points? Just to say i have lots of points?

    The trip logger or repair log doesnt require you to insert an email just your driver name and bus#.

    Just even join the discord and i can put you in from there.

    Just want to make sure i dont want this to get big i want it to be a niche for the small amount of players that want a little more responsibility and social interactions with the game.

    No Problem.

    The Dispatch system is on the company discord.

    Dispatch will drop 5 to 10 routes (depending on the amount operators) on the Dispatch Text channel.

    When a operator is interested they will give a thumbs up on the line they will take.

    Every employed Coach Operator has their own text channel on the company discord. There they will post a screenshot of the job completed for integrity purposes and also can speak one on one with a supervisor if they need to run a route last minute before dispatch drops the job.

    Once the Company accountant sees the screenshot they will give a thumbs up to the picture and deposit the operators earnings for that drive in his/her virtual bank account. then the driver can manage their money like paying for maintenance or repairs.

    Drivers have a job logger in google forums (link is on the website) to help supervisors oversee statistics of drivers and company earnings by the amount of passengers transported.

    Im using three apps really,



    Google forms

    Would be down to just discord and website if i knew how to code. Making a page for driver logging and money management.

    thank you guys soo much for the input. All those lines mentioned yes they are in mind. I wanted to add all those lines when the company had more drivers. Kinda to simulate growth.

    But you are all more than welcome to join in try it out i myself will help you get started and work out more ideas.

    Driving to Berlin, right before i reach the bus terminal Wifi went down. I turned it off and on and i few seconds later i got the same message. Can i repair on Fernbus? If yes, how? I know i can on touristbus.