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    ...oookay, so I've got some progress. Thanks for tip juls2008 ! Turns out the sliders actually works, however in the driver view only, it doesn't work on foot (and I was standing outside the bus, while trying at first). I actually see the potential of playing this game in VR - that'd be amazing. The driver view is by default slanted towards the ground, plus there are some very heavy camera restrictions around turning your head around. With an FOV around 120, it's possible to drive the coach, and feelsrelatively natural, that's great! :)

    If the FOV slider would control all-aspects of the game, not just the driver view, and the driver camera would be more permissive, and possible not centered at a downward angle, this would be a very much functional VR experience. Because it's not rendered in stereo, Vorpx VR performance is the same as in regular mode. Great progress! :)

    PeterS it is not about the size of the team that matters, but about the development process. VR was not a planned feature in the beginning of the production of The Bus, thus the game would never be fully optimized for VR and it would be too expensive to overhaul the entire asset pool, camera, speed of movement and gameplay for an optimized VR experience. We've made some VR showcases lately - after we started the production of The Bus three years ago - thus we learned what needs to be done before you start a project in VR.

    So, if there would be a VR option for The Bus, it would certainly not be well optimized at all and currently we're not sure if we would be ok with that as in "really bad VR is better than no VR."

    mk0 Thank your the prompt reply - you don't always get the chance to talk to developers. I understand that you don't want to cram incomplete functions into a payware product. Let me ask if you could if you build upon in what's already in the sim, and you see any possibility that at least we get the option to adjust the field-of-view? There are workarounds with Vorpx and Opentrack to run even Fernbus Simulator in VR, but it's useless without a field-of-view of around 110. Fernbus already has the option to move between 60-90, but the slider doesn't do anything (seemingly it doesn't matter what you set it to), and 90 a little too less for VR anyway. If we could get the option to actually change that value, and get it up to around 110ish (probably with framerate punishment, but that's fine), VR users could have what they'd like, without you having to do much coding and restructuring - everyone would be happy. You could also cover yourself, and label the FOV slider like 'High FOV setting may lead to rapid performance loss'. I was always baffled by the existence of the FOV slider in Fernbus - if it's there, why doesn't it to anything? I know your are not going to commit to anything, but at least consider it, please. Thank you! :)

    Hello PeterS At the moment it is still too early to be able to make any concrete statements.

    Thanks for replying :) And hoping for the best :)

    As for one, it would probably grant you more customers - the question is whether the extra development time worth it. If the two-man Oriolus team was able to pull it off, then maybe it's not that big of a stretch. I have an Oculus Rift, and every time I start Fernbus Simulator, the intro video plays the sound through the Oculus's speakers (even though it's not the default sound device) - the Unreal engine just wants to be in VR. :)

    Anyway, I hope you will implement it, and best of luck, it's going to be an awesome simulator! :)

    So, it was just confirmed: Update 23 will handle the light and color effects. This update is going to come out before DLC France, so it won't take months PeterS. Unfortunately, we cannot release a so called mini-patch.

    DLC France is going to come out in a couple of weeks, that means in an even shorter amount of time, Update 23 will be here to soothe your tired eyes ^^

    Wow, this is great news! Thank you for listening to us! Knowing that the colors will be back to normal, now I'm all excited about the upcoming France DLC! Thanks again! :)

    Hey Guys,

    I know it has been said numerous times, but this blue color shift introduced in update 22 feels terrible! I'm glad for all the updates and improvements, and I'm sure that you wanted to do the right things, but this update has actually WORSENED things. Since the next update will likely take months, can't you just release a mini-patch, reverting the color correction back to the original? Looking at the old screenshots, the game is lively and beautiful, but since 22, the game is cold and lifeless. I don't feel like playing it this way, it just doesn't feel right. If you want to improve performance and introduce more fog, that is somewhat understandable, but getting rid of those beautiful colors is a purely aesthetic choice, and judging by the all replies on this thread, I'm echoing the sentiments of other people, too. Basically the game feels ruined right now. It's less visible on the screenshots, but if feels really-really bad during fullscreen play. I know that the devs are aware of this, but I don't want to wait months, especially when those colors can be reversed with probably minimal effort, and could be compiled into a mini-patch, probably in a matter of hours. I don't want to be nasty, and say stuff like 'I'm not buying any more new DLC's until the colors are fixed', but this otherwise great game does ACTUALLY feels unplayable for me now. Please consider.

    Hey Everybody,

    thank you very much for all your input. Yes, we heard loud and clear you are unsatisfied with the colours and the light, the developers are aware of this problem and will adjust it in the upcoming update. Please report any crashes to our support team, they will take care.

    Thanks for that! Voicing my concerns about the new colors was literally the only thing why I've registered on this forum.