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    To be honest I merely bought it for supporting TML and to see how the features of that DLC could be used in other content ideas (like Rock Band Tour Bus DLC idea I presented elsewhere on this forum). So probably not gonna play it too much as I'm more interested in FBS base game (doing real Flixbus routes) and TBS (for the economic aspect). But who knows, maybe I learn to like (German) football on the side.... :P

    aand this is getting wayy off-topic, sorry about that ! :D

    Don_Castor : So you imply that Epic Games and TML do not discuss about those reports ? Yea, that might be the case. Even more so I would like to know first TML's opinion how to deal with those crashreports, to report them only via the too to Epic Games or also to TML's own support. Luckily I have experienced only a handful of those and so far I have only used the crash report tool, not raising separate tickets to TML. But i'm sure we will get some clarification here next week.

    Martin 40 Bus : I find the way you write to me quite disrespectful. Obviously you are not very good with English, so please take some time and learn how to write more respectful to other people. I'm not looking for any fight here so peace out man.

    I'm sorry Martin, but clearly it is you who do not understand how the support process works (or should be working). Maybe it's better to wait for Monday so TML could give better instructions if those UE crash reports really need to re-report to TML's own support system or not. As a fromer IT Technical Support I find it very strange it such a "dobule-work" is needed but let TML clasify this first.

    Hi mifosek ,

    Many players have these mistakes in Tourist bus simulator and Fernbus coach simulator ,report them here just like me and others maybe TML STUDIOS will finally fix it. - new ticket.

    Can you explain me why one needs to report them again when the UE CrashReporter already has a Report -button ? It specifically asks you to explain what you were doing when the crash happens and sends the report, to UE or TML, don't know who gets the report. By reporting them also to TML's support you acttually create double work which is unneccessary.

    Thanks juls2008 , you said it well ! I've been thinking lately what is that what bugs me on the landscapes of FBS; the scenery is nice but it lacks something and I couldn't put my finger on it. But you said it well, it's the smaller details which easily can be overlooked, the small things that make the scenery more alive. There are hardly any houses or other small structures on the roadsides. In that sense the map of Fuerteventura (obviously newer creation) looks much more alive and I would hope TML would gradually add that aliveness also for FBS Germany as it really starts to show it's age.

    I would imagine if we will see Italy DLC in the future, that would be excellent timing to add more southern cities also for Swiss/Austria DLC (Lugano, Chur, Klagenfurt, Villach fro example), income from Italy DLC would probably cover at least partially the making of added content.

    Also it would be nice to see various ski resort destinations, as those would be natural hot spots for bus traffic. There are also plenty of video material from those places to be used as a reference when creating a destination. In case of Austria I would imagine it is challenging to recreate destinations without the help of Google Streetview.

    As a newer member here I find it very difficult to navigate between each topics to see various (already reported) bug reports. It seems that bugs are reported in Official announcement threads, feedback threads and even separate DLC threads.

    So I would like to suggest a separate "Bugs" -section for each game so there would be one place where to see if a certain bug has been reported. Also it would be nice if people wold mention if they have raised a ticket about that issue. I'm sure this would also help TML staff too.

    About headsign numbers:

    I tried to create Flixbus route N100, an overnight bus from Berlin to Paris via Hannover. The game thinks it's not a night line :

    (also note that the game thinks it's ok to drive 11 hours without a break, intentional or bug ?)

    The next one I knew wasn't gonna work. I tried to give a four-digit line number 1923, the result is pretty hilarious :D :


    - Let the player decide if the line is night line or not by using the same kind of tick box as there is for choosing express line.

    - Allow more digits on head signs, many operators use four-digit line numbers.

    It would be interesting to know some background info how the cities represented in France DLC were chosen. Because there are some obvious cities which were left out, like Metz and Montpellier. Especially Montpellier is big transit point on east-west and north-south bus traffic in France to my understanding. Also the map seems to have space for it. Some other places could maybe be harder to fit to the map, like Orleanas or Le Mans,. Grenoble and Biarritz are nice choices though.

    Also I'm a bit disappointed that the obvious road design of French autoroutes is missing: the long broken line on the right-hand shoulder. It is something distinctive French and separates the road markings from other countries.

    I don't know what's on the tap water today, but thanks Cygnific, that worked for me nicely, didn't even have to drop effects to low, medium was enough. And when rain came, I raised effects back to epic and after the rain windscreen stayed clear from distortions.