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In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here:


    This issue will be fixed in the next update. We do not quite have a date for that yet I'm afraid.

    You should be able to stand near the bus and press backspace to reset its position.

    Hello Max,

    That's what I did but I still can't enter my bus and it's remaining in that position. I think I'll have to reset my save. I hope this update come ASAP.


    Instead of using DS4Windows, try using Valves Steaminput. Just need to enable support for playstation controller in the steam settings. Though keep in mind that contoller support for the menu's in fernbus is still limited.


    I'm trying to config using Steam Imput but my problem is with the triggers, I can't config the triggers to act as a pedal. When I softly push the accelerator instead of accelerating slowly, it accelerates full pedal. How do I change that?

    EDIT: I managed to solve it, I just change to gamepad settings and it's working. Thx for your help!

    I just heard the news that Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator has released to Xbox and PS5. The PC version finally will have a full controller support for PS4 controller? Everytime I want to player Fernbus/Tourist Bus I have to download DS4Windows and it's so glitchy, I always wanted to play without any worries and with full PS4 controller support on Steam. This will finally happen?

    Hey guys, I have a suggestion, I don't know if someone already talk about it. But it would be great if we could see the outside weather when we open our cell phone (pausing the game), because not all buses show the outside temperature on the painel. So if we could be able to check the weather using our cell phone would help a lot to turn on the A/C and set the right bus temperature.

    W pobliżu

    I agree with my colleagues here, Fernbus must have pedestrians and passengers before THE BUS release, and this is the players' position, the function we have been waiting for years because of respect for us, also TML players should rise to the challenge and offer us this and start work already now and not wait, the waiting time is long over Galdon Kadimbey Ryan [TML-Online Team] Gauggi Don_Castor

    The reason I stopped playing Fernbus it's because I found very boring and the lack of updates for the game made me change to Tourist Bus. Although TBS has a lot of unsolved issues, I found more pleasant and funnier playing TBS and wait until FBS has a better care for the game. Making pedestrians walk to the bus it's a feature that fascinated me in TBS and I miss this a lot on FBS.

    I installed the update and I'm really enjoying! The only problem that buzzes me is that when I beside some houses and that includes my office, there's a really loud sound of fans (I believe this is the one that everybody is talking about in above commentaries). Besides that, the new loading screen and photomode are excellent! And I hope you guys are fixing the minus mileage issue that occurs with Man Intercity (as I know is the only bus that has this problem), but I'm happy that the non-existing toilet issue is fixed! Here's a high resolution photo that I took!

    HighResShot 2.png