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    Hey Cuzzy, do you know this programme name? It would help me a lot, I really want to play with my PS4 controller, I would be very thankful for your help!

    I used to play FBS/TBS with an Xbox 360 wired controller, but it broke, so I bought a PS4 wireless controller to play. When I was playing with Xbox 360 controller the game got total support for my controller, now it's impossible to play with my new PS4 controller. I can't configure my triggers to act as a gas pedal and break pedal, they act like a keyboard button and press all the way down and I can't controll both acceleration and breaking. Is there a way to correctly configure the PS4 controller to play FBS/TBS? Does anyone here play with PS4 controller as well?

    Hey guys, I have a suggestion, I don't know if someone already talk about it. But it would be great if we could see the outside weather when we open our cell phone (pausing the game), because not all buses show the outside temperature on the painel. So if we could be able to check the weather using our cell phone would help a lot to turn on the A/C and set the right bus temperature.

    This question is about TBS and FBS' save games. Are my saves stored at Steam Cloud or do I have to backup my saves before uninstall?

    W pobliżu

    I agree with my colleagues here, Fernbus must have pedestrians and passengers before THE BUS release, and this is the players' position, the function we have been waiting for years because of respect for us, also TML players should rise to the challenge and offer us this and start work already now and not wait, the waiting time is long over Galdon Kadimbey Cuzzy Gauggi Don_Castor

    The reason I stopped playing Fernbus it's because I found very boring and the lack of updates for the game made me change to Tourist Bus. Although TBS has a lot of unsolved issues, I found more pleasant and funnier playing TBS and wait until FBS has a better care for the game. Making pedestrians walk to the bus it's a feature that fascinated me in TBS and I miss this a lot on FBS.

    This is occuring a few times to me and I decided to report. I'm using as a example a shuttle service that I made, with the same bus. On the first tour I set my A/C temp to 20ºC and I gain 100% A/C rating service. And on the back tour on the same shuttle service, with the same bus and the same A/C temperature, I've got a 0% rating. And as you can see below, I have another trip that happened the same problem. I'm here first to ask if I'm doing something wrong before I report to the support. Does the A/C temperature has to be proportional to the outside temp? Or is this really a glitch? If it is a glitch I'll be reporting to the support. This is occuring randonly, sometimes I gain 100% A/C rating and sometimes I get 0% and with different buses.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I installed the update and I'm really enjoying! The only problem that buzzes me is that when I beside some houses and that includes my office, there's a really loud sound of fans (I believe this is the one that everybody is talking about in above commentaries). Besides that, the new loading screen and photomode are excellent! And I hope you guys are fixing the minus mileage issue that occurs with Man Intercity (as I know is the only bus that has this problem), but I'm happy that the non-existing toilet issue is fixed! Here's a high resolution photo that I took!

    Well, you could've reported this issue earlier. I'm not sure if it was reported by somebody else yet, but if this was the case, TML would've dealt with it for sure. So why do you complain about the duration of existence of this bug if you know about it since release, but report it one year later?

    I bought the game recently, I thought that all main issues would be solved right now

    I tried with Scania Touring and the same problem happened again. I tried to fix it on external workshop and it worked, I don't know what's happening, if it is a bug or I'm doing something wrong in my garage and with my mechanics.

    I don't know if it's a issue or I'm doing something wrong, but this is the third time I try to change BB40's spare parts and it's the same thing as nothing, it wont change, as you can see on the video. It spend my spare parts and even so, still shows that needs tyres and v-belt change.

    EDIT: I tested on Scania Touring and the same problem happened,it is a issue or am I doing something wrong?

    Hey Galdon:

    I know this issue very well, too. If you do not have any savegames, the only way to get rid of the problem is cancelling the trip (go to your phone -> trips -> accepted trips -> cancelling the incorrect trip). Unfortunately, you will have to pay a fine for it, but as long as TML won't fix that issue, this is the only solution.X/

    Thanks so much for helping me Don_Castor , seriously! I was almost deleting my save, because I lost all my hopes I could solve this hahaha it was only a 310$ fine, nothing scary to pay hahaha. All shuttle services are having this issue? Because I really liked shuttle services trips, too bad I have to wait they to solve this so I can play normally! I already created a ticket reporting this, hope they can resolve this right away.

    This glitch was reported in june and in september TML said it was going to be solved, but today this exactly glitch happened to me. I started a shuttle trip to Acques Verde and when I get there, there's no stop mark for the bus and I can't make the passengers get off. I don't know what to do, I didn't save my game before I start the journey and I saved my game before I exit the game and I stopped where the glitch is happening. What should I do? Is there a way to cancel my schedule while I'm at journey? I have two more scheduled trips for the same day and I don't want to get them canceled because of this glitch.