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    Hi all

    I did create a previous post but have been asked in Steam discussions to post here again.

    I am looking at creating a virtual bus company for Fernbus but would like to get an idea of how many might be interested before doing the work to set it up.

    In simple terms, players would use Fernbus exactly as they do right now. I would create a complete route and fare structure (for fares you would need to use by basic economy spreadsheet but that is entirely optional) and players would then create the route, drive it as normal and then submit screenshots of their results. "League tables" would then be created to show who has driven the most km, carried the most passengers, had the least accidents and earned the most money (if using the spreadsheet).

    Regarding the spreadsheet this link

    should take you to the first video in the playlist which explains it but if not simply search Fernbus basic economy on You Tube and you should find it.

    Use of the spreadsheet enables you to earn a profit (hopefully) and therefore a virtual wage as a driver. It includes a cost index which simulates the fact that bus companies in the real world have costs before any passengers board a bus and this would be dynamic in that players could be told to change it if, for example, oil prices rise due to increased tensions in the Middle East, or it may be reduced due to local authorities granting subsidies to the virtual company to run services from their city, etc etc.

    It is just a idea of a way to add a bit to the game. Submitting results will not be difficult as anyone who has driven for a virtual company in ETS2 would know. A couple of screenshots of the results of the route driven and, optionally, the spreadsheet is all that would be needed.

    If you are interested post your email either here or in the Steam discussion. If there is enough interest I will create the route and fare structure and ultimately a website too.

    Those interested will then receive an email with full details of what they need to do.

    If there is not enough interest to justify the time to build the routes, test them to ensure reasonable profits can be made and build a website then well I tried.