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    Hi there;

    I wanted to show what i meant about shadow problem (or whatever it is). I have said about Man Lion's Coach C but i noticed same thing with Setra today. At night, there is no problem. Setra has darker cocpit, so that hard to see. It appears more when the bus moving. You can check screenshots i added. It also appears on objects a little far from me and AI cars, especially buses. I think related with shadow or something.

    I didn't have that issue in 1.23, the only change in settings i made is making shadow quality to high from medium to see effect.

    Another issue, I get so low FPS around areas with trees. It was not that low and continuous like i get now in 1.24. In cities and open spaces, it satisfies me generally, better than 1.23 maybe but areas with trees, it lowers a lot and continuously until i am out of that areas. More lags I had with 1.23 but not this low Fps.

    Please check images with original sizes, still hard to see maybe, not good shots but i did my best while driving. Thanks.


    I made the resolution 100 and I lowered all the settings but I got the same fps again. could there be another problem? Performance goes back in every update. Hamshentsi It's very legendary when you make settings epic :thumbsup:

    My settings are generally High, one-two settings on Epic. Resolution is 87 as i said. It satisfy me enough to get some performance. But i must admit that even if i get lesser lags than 1.23, i got 23-24 fps on some routes, especially where there are so many trees around. Sure some fps lose is normal when it is forest in every game. Generally i get between 30-55 fps, unfortunately not that stable, always changing.

    Looks bad even when you use it as 100. I will either buy ram or look another way

    It doesn't come that bad to me, I guess I have low standards... If I had a better PC, sure i would love to do it 200% and all Epic but if my computer doesn't support that much good for performance, I'm Ok and as i said, it doesn't look that bad in my opinion. Then, buying 8gb ram will be ok i guess, i also have 16 GB ram on my notebook, never seen such FPS but not perfect settings.

    Hello there;

    I want to report some errors i came across tonight. I drove Man Lion's Coach C bus tonight and it had a mistake on the dashboard buttons. Passenger ones work normal but the left side buttons have a mistake, i opened flasher but another button light was showing that it is open. (Screenshot attached) Plus, when i open the axis turning button, it didnt illuminate. There was no issue before this update and i have no idea about shorter version of Lion's Coach at the moment.

    Another issue, when it is day light, cockpit gets some lighting problems when it is under shadow, when there is no shadow, it seems ok and it is not only in the cockpit but also exterior of the bus. I had driven Setra and Neoplan but didn't see such issue. Unfortunately no screenshot.

    AI still needs a lot work at least to be like ETS/ATS AI, it is also not perfect but nothing is perfect in life. I don't expect a real life behavior and nobody should but needs more work. I didn't get so big improvement about AI but seems a little touched.

    PS: I didn't join the beta, so i see changes since the update out. So that i can report now. Thanks for your work, good job.

    AI needs to be touched a lot, they block traffic in cities' intersections many times, not related with our position. Plus, i get mad when they come out to highway from side roads without checking or stopping and while changing lane. They directly come and hit your bus.

    Oh i thought it works different way, i will check it out, thanks.

    Martin it is not that often in fact but it is in my wishlist and i follow, however, there were some economical problems to buy it so far. Actually still i have problems but i want to discover new routes as a Fernbus lover.

    In Europe, it was used as MB O350 Tourismo. A little bit lower than 403. However, I don't think it may come to Fernbus but if they think of a classic DLC for the future (It was suggested before and TML Studios liked the idea), it may come but first manual transmission feature is needed for it.

    Hamshentsi In Europe, Travego is almost non-existent. Travego is usually prepared for a bus Turkey market. Tourismo is sold in Europe. For this reason, tourismo will be made. I am very curious but we cannot get any information about this. TML-STUDIOS staff says just wait.

    I know even there is no new Travego in MB Europe Bus website, just in Turkey. However, European version was used even as Flixbus, you can see from photos when you write in Google, there was a company which has Tourismo and Travegos in the fleet.

    Agree with Kadimbey, there are things to be fixed and brought to the game before a new DLC. I wrote about it 2-3 long messages.

    Really appreciate that you always provide us those important bug reports.

    Please be patient, works need to de done in our order, and we have hundreds of fixing in the pipeline. We'll try to get these things done until 1.24 is finally prepared for public.:)

    Best regards

    Please remind them to fix flying buildings in Frankfurt, i saw two long buildings were not on ground, one is directly on the route the nav gives. Kadimbey has shared its photo before and i had sent via FB before registering in the forum. Also there were flying parked cars somewhere but i don't remember the city now. These are not so hard to fix, that building in Frankfurt is there since i don't know when.

    Sure it is nice to see the logo but is it that much important? I drive Setra without logo and i don't feel anything bad about it. I am okay if MB Travego, Tourismo buses come without logo. Or any other good bus options. If they can get, i have no objection on it but if they cannot, it is not so big deal. Imagine your bus got old and logo fell :))

    In my opinion we shouldn't ask for plans too far away in the future: Maybe there will be the opportunity for TML to fix very necessary issues and develop important missing features instead of new DLCs. I think this is most important now, we should rather give some advice about what is still missing in FBS and should be added.

    It is what i mentioned exactly for a few days. This will be good to improve.

    Hi, thanks for your suggestions, we'll take it into consideration. While we won't overhaul a whole country, we will probably update some cities here and there in the future like we did already in the main game. Please keep in mind, the scale is 1:10, some cities are just too small

    I know but still it seems there is enough space for the cities i counted, that's why i counted 1-2 cities :)

    Plus, i don't care passengers walk in/off the bus, it is not something so important for this game in my mind, it is just a visual. I care feeling the highways and countries' atmosphere realistic way, also economy thins like TBS is a must. Along with them, you already improved but still bus physics need touch and AI Traffic. Also some other suggestions will make the game so much more better, instead of new DLCs at the moment.

    Meanwhile, another suggestion, even if we cannot see a multiplayer in the game as you mentioned before, you can prepare a 3rd party but free software like a trucksbook mentality. So that people can establish their own virtual bus companies, true routes and get drivers, friendships etc. It is working greatly in the Flight Sim world for years. So that it will give people a multiplayer atmosphere.

    And it will add actions to drive it more realistic, accident reports, wrong driving etc. will give great atmosphere. We won't have 40 pax in the game maybe but in this client, it can show we have 40 pax etc. and give economy mode directly to the game. Consider it, even if no in game economy, a 3rd party software will help a lot and bring many things. Sure it must be realistic way, users must select true bus kind for the routes etc.

    Example in Flight Sim:

    Time to time, i am writing about things to do as you know, and this message won't be different :) As i wrote before, TML Studios should care to make things we have now better instead of any new DLCs. I hope after Belgium and Netherlands DLC, TML will consider about my suggestions (My older posts and this one and future ones)

    Now I wanna add to my suggestions about refreshing the Austrian/Switzerland DLC. When it comes, TML was not doing things so carefully, i believe this DLC needs "REVISUALIZATION" too. I don't feel that I'm in Austria or Switzerland.

    1. Roadsigns: Please care and do this highway/in city roads feeling better by giving it realistic roadsigns and other details. I am gonna add some Austrian road sign photos from Google Maps and leave Wikipedia links for both countries.

    2. I suggest you to refresh some cities and plus add some missing cities: Klagenfurt in Austria, Vaduz/Liechtenstein, Sion, Lausanne and St.Gallen in Switzerland will complete these countries. We can say that Klagenfurt is already a border city to go to Italy and Slovenia, it will be a must in the future.

    I believe TML can do these things better, France also needs to be detailed to give that feeling while driving. For such game, it is so important to have road signs and advertisements on the highway or in cities.

    You can also add stores advertisements in cities, in their own languages etc. (I can show ETS2 Road to the Black Sea DLC's Turkey part as an example for this)

    There will be more things to say but that's enough for this message. Instead new DLC's, my older and this post will carry the game to next level. Please consider it. Thanks!

    Hello there; I want to suggest some roads which are missing in my opinion. As i always try to drive the real Flixbus route, these three (for now) roads should be there.

    1. It is actually there but not active. The intersection in the screenshot, we can use while coming from Graz to Linz but we cannot enter that road to go to Graz from Linz because it is not open to enter. While it is already done there, i don't understand meaning of being closed. It would be better to open, so that we won't go to Graz via Vienna!

    2. Roads from Regensburg to Linz : I remember someone else also mentioned about this connection. It will shorten the road to Linz and Vienna and it seems a real must there as Flixbus follows that route via Passau in the real life.

    3. Bielefeld-Paderborn : These two beautiful cities are there and we can drive some routes which includes both cities. However, to go to Paderborn from Bielefeld, we have to drive a long road instead of going there directly which is the real route. It is another missing road to connect two cities.

    There are surely more but that's enough for now. I hope you will take my advices into consideration for the next update. Thanks in advance!