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    Great! I have to do some more testing but from what I did see in a quick ride the passengers don’t stand up in front of the door before leaving. Could be possible to add it? Now you have to open both doors because you don’t see where is the passenger wanting to leave until you open them.

    I am unsure which route it was but i was following the route marked out but ran into an invisible wall where i couldn't reverse or reset the bus as it was constantly stuck in the wall so i had to abandon the route all together and restart a new route. Pic below showing invisible wall with the route on other side.

    Yep, I’ve seen this.
    It would be great to add pins within the route in the editor.

    This behavior is a characteristic of the vehicle itself.

    Oh, I did not know. But, how do we handle it? Is there some slow gear for low speeds or something similar? It is not difficult to drive it at low speeds for anyone else? And even in RL?



    I recently purchased Fernbus. Wow, really immersive, I come from ETS2 and I’m enjoying the change. I also bought Scania and VDL DLC. All buses run well, physics are superb, however I would like to point out two issues.

    1. The throttle on the Comfort Class behaves strange, with small inputs at low speeds it jumps very fast to higher speed unlike all other buses. It’s the only bus that I feel a bit uncontrollable.

    2. The sounds are great and immersive. But could we have an option to lower the sound of effects like sunshield or raise/low suspension? I think they are too loud now and not inside any volume submenu but the overall effects volume.

    Thanks in advance!

    And congratulations for such a great sim.