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    Hi guys,

    I followed the journey's plan as usual made by the game after my stop in Zurich and I've encountered this overpass or bridge located in Zurich city with a roof being too much low for all buses. I hit it with the top of my Scania bus even while driving carefully at very low speed.

    See below behind the bus... I'm talking about this bridge... Those red and white panels suspended under the bridge were also smashed by the roof of my bus by the way. The bridge must be higher from the ground or you must dig the street further.

    If we are not supposed to pass there, then why does our GPS show us this route?

    If a Scania bus does not pass, imagine the two-stage bus model now.

    Thank you,

    Hi everyone,

    Your world map is very good visually if we forget its lack of life. In the spirit of you suggest ideas to improve it, in addition to its lack of life which has already discussed in the past, I think that the configuration of roads between cities could be improved.
    The thing I think it could be improved is the lack of roads that can lead to many cities. Many places on your map have only one route or one way to go there. Your cities are often shown as dead end locations on your map. That means we constantly have to do back and forth and retrace our steps during our journeys instead of continuing by another road. You know the expression... More than one road leads to Rome... Yes, some locations can be dead ends and can have only one road to go there, but I think there is too much in the actual map. In my opinion, the cities in the center of the map should not be dead ends. Above all, these places should have more than one route to get there.

    I'm not asking you to redo the entire map. I'm just saying that we should just add roads that leave certain dead end cities to join existing roads. They will also seem less like lost places

    In addition, I would like to have more flexibility on our journeys plans. Sometimes, when we are planning our journey by selecting bus stops, the game chooses a road and I think it would be better to take another one instead of going back on my steps - when this option exists of course. I would like to be able to trace or modifiy the journey's plan that is automatically proposed.

    I know you will tell me the game chooses the best way when it creates the plan, but sometimes despite this fact, I would prefer been able to take the longuest way to go at that location instead of going back on my steps. Just to see more of the country... More flexibility, more fun...

    I also remember another example where I found that the route plan did not make any sense. My example is in the city of Wien. To get to the bus terminal, the route tells us to make a big detour into town while we only have to turn right to go to the bus terminus. There is no interdiction to turn right at that place. This is a normal street. So, the plan is not always optimal. That's why I would like to have more flexibility on it also.

    Thank you,


    As mentionned in title, AI trucks and AI buses doesn't have yellow lights when (white) lights are on in this game. Usually, trucks and buses vehicles have yellow lights to show their width and their height. Sides haves yellow lights too. Vehicles at night should be seen with those yellow lights.

    As said in title, I also find that it lacks a sound for the brakes in this game. Buses normally have air brakes. We should hear them. (You know that: " Pshhhhttt!" when braking)

    You will tell me that it is a tiny detail, but each small detail like these two brings immersion and real fun to the game. They all count.

    That said, i don't mean to offend you, but i think you should really look at what's being done in American-Europe Trucks Simulator games. Traffic packs, traffic density, the sounds, the light effects, the real companies names and the real advertisements, all of this available in mods make ATS-ETS-sim THE driving simulator. When you drive on the map, you really believe it. Of course, on my opinion.

    TML, You have a wonderful map. The world and its environment are fantastics. I even say it is BeautiFul! But there is NO life. Everything is generic and repetitive in Fernbus unfortunately. A clone world. Trucks, cars... gas stations... When you drive through the map in the world of Fernbus, you believe it much less compared to ATS-ETS. As said previously, look what it is done on your neighbor. They are using Unreal Engine too.

    MODS is the KEY!

    I love Fernbus. I've been waiting long time for a good Bus Sim... I sincerely think that you have a gem in your hands that you just have to work on.

    I just want to encourage you to look at what is being done elsewhere for good examples. There is a good model.

    You have the opportunity to become THE Bus simulator on the market.

    Always having in mind to help you solve this AI behavior. I came with an idea today after seeing something in the game while playing.

    I was waiting on a red light when I saw a truck hitting a lamp post on the street in front of me. A few moments later, the lamp post model has disappeared or vanished (which is very good by the way) instead of blocking the way. That event brought to me a suggestion for you...

    Now,.. Coming back to this traffic problem which we have already mentioned which is blocking because the cars of the AI refuse to turn on a green light and chains of cars which accumulate and do not move anymore or these spaces not respected at the intersections which cause a problem with an AI unable to follow the basic rule of turns. Yes, sorry, I know, that's a lot of "which"... ;) ...And as long as you think about it, for all the bugs concerning AI cars too.

    Why not just use this disappearance and magic wand method to fix traffic bugs caused by cars and trucks? You already doing it for a car accident. After it has hit the wall, we can see the AI car vanishing like it is done for lamp posts.

    The idea may comes simply like this:

    When a traffic jam occured and nothing is moving for - let's say - REAL 5 minutes of our world time and the player is stuck between the pack as many examples have been given in previous threads, cars and trucks are vanishing like this lamp post model after its fall on the street. I proposed 5 minutes of our real time to avoid not interfering with the heavy traffic time that would be legitimate in the game. At least, as a player, when such a bug arrives, we could know that by waiting 5 minutes, the game will correct itself. Right now, the bug is endless and the only way out is to do actions that makes no sense and that break the gameplay.

    This solution can be a temporary one until you find a way to fix and improve the traffic AI.

    Thank you,

    In almost the same subject (AI behavior), I notice something else too for highways...

    You do remember what I told you about speedposts wrong information and GPS issues we can see in this game, right? In addition to the bad information that these erroneous speed limit signs give players, I believe that this problem also causes most of the accident problems that we have on the highways. Meaning it creates another issue.

    Let me explain:

    Because the speed limit sign says suddenly 60 for example on a highway section, all AI cars slow down like crazy in the middle of the highway on that portion of the track. This is to be found especially in places where there are narrowing lanes and zizags on highways. The cars brake and start to slow down one behind the other by blocking the tracks while we, we legitimately reach 100 km / h.

    The problem comes from the fact that our GPS tells us to drive at 100. Since the AI does not have the same speed information as us, the players, the traffic cars have a behavior that makes completely no sense compared to us. And yes, this example of a big difference in speed between 60 and 100, I saw it well in the game, precisely on the A1 motorway among others.

    I know that you are going to tell me that the AI does not read the signs, of course I know this, but I suppose that the traffic of the AI is programmed according to the speeds in the game. If you have programmed the cars of the AI from the speeds of the signs, we players have GPS that says something else. It's the equivalent of having two parallel worlds superimposed.

    This means that if you fix all of the wrong speed limit signs, matching players and AI speed informations, you will mostly fix all of the AI behavior issues on roads and highways. AI cars will follow the same rules we are following. Player complaints (well justified though) about sudden AI braking and meaningless accidents will be 80-90% eliminated in my opinion.

    Just trying to help...

    Thank you,


    I know that it has been reported very often but that jamming traffic becomes a game killer with time. I've been jammed twice in a row in Lille (France). My only solution to get out of it again was to get into the cars to make me pass. It makes no sense. We are losing points strictly because of this bug AND that's not fun at all. AI do not move the traffic and cars are continuing to accumulate behind each other one by one. It's not only frustrating, it becomes a major gamebraking... At least, for me... I'm curious to know if you are trying to fix it with all traffic density levels in this game.

    My observation:

    The main reason that causes this issue is that the AI does not keep a hole for cars to pass. Normally, you don't move into the middle of the street if you know you won't be able to complete your turn. This is the driving rule by the book. Since the AI does not comply with this basic rule of driving, there is never a hole or space, therefore it creates a chain of cars which blocks. And please, don't disappoint me by saying that I only have to reduce the density of traffic. Fixing bugs by reducing options or removing items from the game is not a good idea...

    And don't ask me to send photos, this exercise has already been done in the past for that kind of bugs. And even if we send you a thousand photos of a traffic pack, I doubt that it will help you more.

    Final thought:

    The AI must learn to maintain a gap at intersections. Here is the problem. And also, the AI must learn not to turn onto an already busy street (read here jammed). As I’ve said in the past in another thread, nobody in real life does it on purpose to get stuck in traffic.

    Thank you,


    I notice something today. I do not know if it comes out with the last beta patch 1.25 and I admit it is a tiny detail but for more realism in this game, I think you should pay attention to it. When we are waiting for a green light, even on a flat terrain, I notice that the bus is very slowly going backwards as soon as we are releasing the brakes. If your intention is to simulate the bus engine revolution force which is a very good idea by the way because in real life we have to hold the brakes, then like all vehicles and engines normal behavior, the movement should be done forward not backwards.

    Thank you,


    I just want to let you know that this mirror inside the Man Coach C offering a view on passengers from the driver seat hasn't been fixed as announced in your last beta patch.

    As you can see, this picture has been taken today and there is no reflection at all of the inside. Before that bug comes out, we were able to see people and seats inside our bus.

    Thank you,

    They are wrong because if you read closely what I said in each picture... The speed limit do not match at all our GPS!

    Speedpost tell you a speed limit of 120 by example and your GPS is telling you 100 for the same spot. Or worst, a speed post can tell you a limit of 60 and your GPS is telling you 80.

    All speedpost and speed panels show as information on highways and roads should match our GPS information.

    Look closely at your GPS, pay attention, and compare the GPS speed with speedposts... then you will see. Information regarding the speeds in your game is often given in a contradictory manner. More, because it seems we need more proof to understand what I mean... See this picture below...

    You have many speed posts showing exclusive speeds for trucks and buses but the game AND the GPS doesn't respect them at all in your game. Here an example of this speedpost: Speed 100 - right under that sign on the same post, another white sign showing a truck icon and a bus icon with 80. Usually, this is an indication for an exclusive speed mandatory to those two categories of vehicles. As a bus, we do not get any penalties for driving at 100 and even that GPS ignores it by telling us to drive at 100. That means those speed limit posts are irrelevants. If you put a post like this in the game, than the game should take it and consider its rule. A post like this means Buses and Trucks must have a speed limit of 80. Why our GPS allow us to drive 100?

    Speed limits in this game are important, this is an important element in this game. That means informations given to players must be given correctly. Now, if your answer will be to tell just follow the GPS information and forget speedpost because you want to consider them just an aesthetic element... than they become irrelevant.

    That's the point.

    Thank you,

    Here what I've done for A-1 northeast direction. A-1 west direction.

    I took a free ride with the smaller bus, pull out of the game all AI cars with traffic slider bar in option and I have driven the whole A-1 in its two ways. I verified speed limit with speed panels, speed post and compared them to the GPS on board in game.

    In each picture name, you can see comments to briefly explain in few simple words. You will also be able to see that some panels are closed from each other making speed limit irrelevante on a short distance.

    Alright... I will take the smaller bus... go on a free ride and bring my camera to take all the pictures needed but be prepared to be drowned in images.

    I bought recently your expansions... and did my first ride in France. Unfortunately, I saw the same issue France tunnel near Paris. France map seems to have bugs with models. I saw models debris on a street in Paris. Cars were jumping over them.

    Don_Castor : The connection between old cities and parking is simple... as I already explained... They can't enlarge the streets. As said, they can't just throw cities to the ground in order to modernize them. In past, building were built close to the streets... Cars were not invented yet!

    If you want parking on streets, that means enlarge the streets and that means put down buildings. It makes no sense. And, as said, a lot of cities in Europe are protected by the historical heritage law.

    Regarding what you said to Kadimbey: Yes, it is forbidden to park on streets in some cities... this is because they have been able to modernize those cities and streets are able to provide parkings. Old cities are not in this brackets at all, so they get a different rule. Consider there is much more old cities than modernized ones, counting small villages too in this statement.

    The Speed limits informations in all tunnels on Germany map should be revised...


    This message is sent to help you make corrections on an element of the game.

    Speeds limits in most tunnels on the Germany map are not correctly given as information to the player. Those suspended panels with speeds inside the tunnel are often showing a wrong information compared to the GPS information. Even speed limit posts shown near the tunnel door may give you a wrong speed limit.

    More, you may see one or two sections inside the tunnel with a speed limit drop for a so short distance that it is irrelevant to have it because the time to slow down, you've already gone through it. By the way, this issue is also true on some higways were you have put a speed limit drop on a so short distance that it is irrelevant to have it because the time to slow down, you've already gone through it too. To make sense, you should either remove the slower section or lengthen it. We are driving a bus, that thing does not slowing down on a dime.

    The game is also based on speed limits, so the information given to players is very important.

    Thank you,


    I'm not European (I'm from Canada) but as a fan for our history and past... I can tell you this as explanation. :)

    Keep in mind Europe IS old. When those cities have been built, the world at that time was much different compared to what you can see today. Pedestrians and, at worst, horses, were the only things seen on the street. Constructions methods and tools were not evolved like today too.

    Now, the modern Europe should live with this fact. The land where Europeans are living is aged.

    They can't just throw cities to the ground in order to modernize them ... it doesn't make sense. And, in addition, many are protected by historical heritage.

    I hope that it can help to more understand. ;)


    I want to report a major bug to you. Yesterday, I got stuck in traffic with no way out. I was on my way to my bus stop when a car around the corner refused to move. By stopping, the car created a huge congestion. However, the car had nothing to prevent it from moving forward. The car only had to move forward. This car never moved.

    SEE up in the lane on the street corner waiting to turn. That car IS the one I'm talking about. All is doing is waiting with a flasher on to turn. As you can see nothing is blocking him... even with a green light it will not move at all.

    As said, even with a green light, it doesn't move! Nothing is blocking it. All it has to do is complete its turn.

    On the other side in front of my lane... SEE that TRUCK waiting to turn left on a congested street when there is absolutly nothing in front of it. All it has to do is going straight line. What I find that doesn't make sense is to see a car or a truck insist on turning onto a congested street. In real life, when you see the full street, especially when possible, you continue on your way to go elsewhere. Nobody is doing it on purpose to get stuck in traffic.

    Because of that car on the corner of the street that refuses to turn and that truck that insists on wanting to turn in an impossible place when it could go straight on, I got stuck 20-25 real minutes until I decide to make a move that makes no sense.

    I was finally able to back up to the sidewalk behind me. Even by doing this, the cars have move on EXCEPT the two dummies that are blocking everyone. The only way out of it was to step back onto the sidewalk and then roll over to get out further. The game forces us to make driving mistakes just because it bug. Trust me, if I hadn't done this, I would still be stuck there.

    I love this game, but I would like to be able to review my last trip in replay mode as it is often possible in racing games. A cinematographic view with possible camera changes, allowing us to contemplate the beauty of the landscape and review our own behavior as a spectator.

    Replay view after one travel run.

    Hi guys,

    I'm amazed by that game-simulator!

    The only thing it misses is a replay view like we usually have in racing game. I would like to be able to see my driving run when it's done as a replay view.

    Please add this feature! ;)