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    I agree with having an economy system like in Tourist Bus, it's one of the best and most engaging economic systems I have used in a sim game, hopefully you will get around to develop it, I do understand that The Bus is the highest priority now just after the EA release... just don't forget about us coach drivers :)

    As mentioned: a green tropical island would be so great, definetly my nr. 1 wish

    Other wishes I have in no particular order:

    - Repaintable and washable Land Rover..or Ventura cruiser I think it was called

    - Customisable bus interiours, e.g seats and maybe different equipment packs you can buy that will give you extra eyecandy and features.

    - "Detachable" camera that will let you use your mouse to click buttons from your seat without having to use the camera function with the 0 key ( like you see in Omsi )

    - Buses in traffic: I understand that coaches and large buses is very difficult, maybe impossible as AI on those roads, so my wish is for mini buses, which should be doable since they are no longer than the already implemented trucks, in other words the BB40 and Sprinter as AI.

    - Offline music player maybe as a dlc so that you can play music in the bus without streaming, this would be great for people like me that has vendor restrictions, I prefer using Steam in offline mode when I play.

    - More passenger variety, though I love how the game has evolved I find the passengers a bit imersive breaking when you get 4 pairs of triplets entering your bus, and also children, it seems no one brings their kids to Fuerteventura..