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    Don't make fun of people enjoying these games and trying to help the developers, this is outrageous and unnecessary.

    I can understand your opinion (which is also mine), but there's no need to offend people for their efforts here in the forum.

    Kind regards.

    Nah, you got me wrong. They care this game more than developers. That's what I want to say. I do not humiliate anybody in this forum and I always appreciate their efforts about helping.

    I don't blame anyone for the problems but we all have to accept that games(fernbus+tourist bus) are still not ready to play "properly". There is a game which was released 4 years ago and still it has "vital" bugs and problems. After 2 years they released Tourist Bus Simulator which is worse than Fernbus simulator in terms of optimization. Now they are preparing a third game "the bus" do you really think that they will be able to handle the problems of all 3 games at the same time? I don't think so. While there are many problems they announced the third game. It doesn't make sense for me but financial concerns. Unless they solve all the problems in tourist bus simulator and fernbus, they cannot dream of good selling figures in The Bus. Be realistic. There are very few players in this forum who are really keen on TML games. Developers of this game should visit some forums and blogs to see reviews about their own games. As a common player, I won't buy the new game unless they fix the problems in fernbus and tourist bus. So will other players. I don't trust a company who cannot fix a game for 4 years. Especially if they are tend to release the third game after all these problems about the previous game. Look at these guys (Kadimbey, Martin 40,...) they are still trying to help the developers about the game. But all things are in vain. When they fix something, make other things worse. For how long? For 4 years. lol. From now on I give up following this forum and playing the game. Thank you for your understanding in this forum. Have a good day to you.

    You are right in some respects. But offering people paid coaches are not a good approach for a game which is based on coach driving. We all have to accept that game is not cheap. And not moderate. At least they could offer more than one coach as default. Moreover, releasing new coach dlcs without getting licences and expecting good sales don't make sense for me. I'm not stick with the licenses but when I read some comments on blogs or reviews, players often mention that.