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    If it's possible: listing all the planned stops on a route or showing the route on a map before accepting the order. Currently, to see the route, you have to accept the order and view it in the scheduling menu. This is a little awkward. I feel it would save some (limited) time and in-game currency to be able to view these routes on a map, or a list of planned stops, before accepting the order. I know I would enjoy it as I cannot always guarantee availability of a bus for a given route (some buses will not get past some corners without damage due to vehicle size).

    Second idea: Some sort of in-game info on the dimensions of each vehicle. This could be a small box in the menu when you click on a vehicle to view its condition. I don't always know how big a certain bus is by its model number alone, and this stat being available in-game and would help me in deciding whether to buy a certain vehicle or whether it would be unwieldly in most areas of the map.

    I encountered this bug earlier today using this beta too. I was able to fix it by saving the game and loading the save I'd just made. I counted the number of passengers on the bus after loading and all were accounted for. I wasn't willing to drive off with someone still trying to board. Plus, I wasn't actually able to drive off either. The pedal was unresponsive despite engine on and wheel connected (confirmed via control settings menu).

    Hello, wonderful persons.

    I've been playing Tourist Bus Sim for a few days now, and while I feel I'm doing good. Currently at level 10 or 11, I think.

    I'm not completely sure what salary progression employees are expecting. I can see the varying numbers, but I don't completely understand the role they play with employee pay. Which one is more important for setting salary? Employee level or accuracy/reliability? How do I work out a reasonable raise that's in-line with their performance?

    Additionally, are the salaries asked for by employees in the Job Market an average salary for their level or a randomly-generated number within a predefined range?

    Be safe, everyone. And, thanks for reading.