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    Hello everyone;

    Personal game Tourist Bus Simulator at a time before my old machine lost support to run the game that was an I3-2100 and a GTX 650 Ti started to give compatibility error until I discovered that my hadware was no longer compatible so I built one machine with a Xeon E3 1220 V3 with 16gb Ram and an RX 580 8Gb and even so I have had crashes and game closures, could someone help me if there is any configuration in the game that I can tweak to improve or if my current configuration is also doomed ?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    In my opinion, GTX graphics cards do not cause problems with games and the Uneral Engine 4. AMD graphics cards are problematic, often what users inform about, I do not claim that the card AMD you prefer and buy will not work with TML STUDIOS games, but GTX is a better choice and sure , the decision is yours which Tulio-phoenix .

    Yeah, I never used anything from AMD, I've read from some other users on random forums on the internet about software compatibility problems highlighted precisely because they are AMD, what caught my attention on this card is it has 8 GB against 6 GB of GTX 1060 for almost the same price.

    Hello everyone;

    I would like to know if AMD video cards are compatible with Fernbus and Tourist Bus games, I intend to buy a RX 580 8Gb and I am in doubt if it would be a good option or if a GTX 1660 would be more ideal, please help me!

    Thank you