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    The bus doors have been overhauled but in the reality and like ETS2, at the end of closing the doors lift up normally.....

    Please fix this bug in the VDL FDD2, the right driver lighting is visible at the upper floor and not at the low floor.

    Furthermore, you don't see the modelization of the downlight where the light driver is issued as the real ramp of the corridor light (same ramp missing in the Man 3rd)

    In your list of update,

    Please add a sunblind for the Man 3Rd gen And luggage lighting...




    There is always the bug of the driver walk trough the seat of the Man 3rd Gen L

    Have you planned to update interior ligthing coach, added real lighting for steps and luggage compartments, real reading light like the Man 3rd on the other Coach ?

    Thanks to this update for the exterior lighting, it's a great improvement


    There is also others lighting problems with the VDL FDD2-141

    The driver lighting, only one position of the switch is active and this light on the 2nd floor and not the entrance of the coach

    For the passenger ligthing in high level, at the back door, the light rest on low mode , it's very dark when open this back door




    Hi I report this bug in your support in November , for me it's not normal because

    when you light on the passenger light, it's light on high level but when you close the door and start to drive, the lighting goes off completely instead off "low light level"

    For re-light on at this low level you must push the open door shortcut keyboard button when driving... (below first picture low level lighting)

    Clearly there is a bug.

    Furthermore the light point isn't well uniform, there is black hole inside the bus, the ramp isn't well illuminated

    in the reality the lighting is in low level when driving but not light off completely,

    and below is the link of the deutsch manual , see in page 176/177 where it explain that the lighting is decrease at 10km/h but not goes off...…s_Intercity_R60_17_09.pdf

    I report some other problem for this bus, you see in this pictures below

    There is a ghost light always on to the right dashboard

    Then for the driver cabin lighting, you see the beam lighting on the dashboard and ground but missing the point light in the ceiling... (this is the same on the VDL coach)




    In this video at 4.10, you see clearly that the two spot in front is the driver ligthing not light on in the same time of the passenger light

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    it's a short trip with the VDL 106 , it start to el Matorral, Castillo then return to El matorral

    At the first stop, there isn't any passenger what i found not normal..but i continue this service to final.

    I'm practically certain that there isn't any passenger in the coach when i go to the office and when i deselected this coach, this happened....

    This update not resolved the bug of no reason for a failed mission or not the name of the employee not satisfied with his salary



    I noticed the same problem with the "Fuera de Servicio".....

    I haven't played for very long. my budget is limited and it's very frustrating after a long trip that the mission failed because there isn't a trip report in the final stop.

    I must advance the hour to exit the mission

    I have the same problem this day with mission Costa Calma - Gran tarajal ( i open ticket for this)



    Big problem, an employee get sick, i accept payment of insurance for missions affected to him and what happens.... my budget past to 1000000 at -2753000000....

    My last saved is two days old ;(

    Ryan [TML-Online Team]

    Fot the Gantry, it's the first time let it happen but it's the first time i wash the Setra 517.

    That never happened with the other coach. I would test again with this coach if it happens again.



    I noticed new many bug...

    Despite there is a patch in this new update for the VDL mirrors, you see below that all not corrected, there is an inversion between low and high mirror...


    Then there is a big problem with the recurrent mission Esquinzo -Corralejo, I did two times and lost more than 5 hours for nothing, there is no finish in the final stop.

    To exit this mission, only moving the calendar hour for passed this and furthermore failed mission....


    Finally I saw a minor problem in wash for the Setra S517, the gantry blocked and does not return in the initial position.


    All my parameters are at the maximum value and the other parameter of Gamma/Contrast etc are the same.....

    Before this Beta, the beam lighting is correct.

    It's perhaps a bug with my Graphic card GTX1060.....


    Ok this problem is random depending on the bus. For me it's the Man 2017...

    However , with this Man Coach 2017 (not tested with other bus) , the low beam is now very low, not possible to drive correctly without putting high beam...


    And here in the stop bus at Hotel of casillas del angel, no llighting.... not easy to check passengers.



    I! report two other bug that is yet in the stable version (and always in this beta)

    Man 2017 3rd Gen, problem with the kilometers...for this bus maintenance, for Tire, oil change and others, i have negative value -109000/5000km for exemple...

    For the Man intercity, that not have Toilet, i have to fix it because it's broken not logic for this bus.


    Im a new french player of TBS since 2 months i love it but i see many bugs of bus interior lighting apparently not described in this forum.

    So I noticed that regardless of the bus, there is a bug when i open front door before starting or on a bus stop , the driver lighting lights up randomly, its a little annoying in the night.

    Then In the Scania Touring, there isn't night light for the passenger, always on high light...

    I am amazed that this was not planned in the DLC.

    In the Man intercity, a bug for the passenger light, when i light up the passenger the first time and when i start driving, the lighting goes out completely and when i press the F9 on driving for open door, the light comes on again at low level. And there is an end without lighting to the back door.

    To finish, i noticed that only the Man 3rd gen has a realistic light on people for the reading light but not the other bus.

    An update is known and planned for corrected this ?