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    ^ I agree with village's signage and advertisements. Intersections yes only to get rid of those with traffic lights and more roundabouts also to break up those intersections with traffic lights. An economy would be nice too and updated flixbus original aswell. Time-lapse video of Netherlands looked nice but those motorways looked empty without signage, hopefully its something you will come back to.

    ^ I agree with you I think signage and buildings need to be more localised I've only been playing this game for a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I'll continue to support this game and with The Bus releasing next year I hope all the attention doesn't distract from Fernbus Coach Simulator. I saw trailer for Netherlands and seen a picture that Belgium, Czech Republic and Denmark are in the game files, I rather see those areas localised and I can't wait. Also how many cities do you think we'll get with Netherlands DLC?