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    Hello developers,first of all, l want to give all developers a big thumb, for developing such an excellent game:fernbus:.

    Now,l have some suggestions for you to improve the game even further:

    1.road textures

    The road textures in France maybe wrong,l learn from the Internet that the highway sideline in France is dotted line,not the solid line.Like the picture l show below.

    For me,l prefer to use a single weather condition while driving one route. But at present, the available weather in the game is sunny,rainy,thunderstorm,foggy,snowy.Could you add the weather such as cloudy and overcast in the future? Thus can make the weather in the game varied

    Recently l see the video about another amazing game "the bus" ,which will be released in the future, l found that the textures about the cars seem newer than the textures in fernbus simulator, so will you developers update the textures?Including but not limited to cars in the future?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             best regards