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    I know that The Bus is the new hot girl on the block and is getting all the attention, its deserved, the game is great, but, let's not forget Fernbus:

    - First is this bug here that I recorded with the new VDL:

    It's sad coz I bought this bus and I can barely use it without getting a seizure with all this flickering...

    - Second: The weather... It's broken since the last Patch... and have been reported here since December. Breaks a lot the immersion.

    How far away are we from getting at least a patch to fix these?

    I would make this post on the Fernbus but I didn't found the Wishes and Ideas thread there, so I'm doing it here because both games could benefit a lot from this.

    Simple: GPS Waypoints...

    Click anywhere on the map and you can trace a rote to that point or a detour from your current route...

    Both games really miss this feature.

    I think it's because we dont have a thread like in Fern or The Bus, with Questions, Feedback or Reports or Denis created one and I didn't saw.

    But yea, even on the Steam Pages we don't have much detailed information or specifications about the buses... And not even inside the game.

    I personally just use google lol.

    Since we've got The us into EA now, we'll have time to hands on the new update of Fernbus, don't worry, update will come soon.:)

    Hi there, we are forcing an update for FBS in April.

    Unfortunately we had to make a decision where to invest the majority of our time in the last months, but Fernbus is not forgotten or buried, don't worry.

    You have no idea how happy I am with this news

    I'm enjoying a lot The Bus, but Fernbus have a special place in my heart <3

    I would like to add my 2 cents regarding the Map Tool that is coming (hopefully) on phase 2:

    I played Bus Simulator 18, and was very promising at the beginning since they were creating tools for mods, so people would be able to create their own buses and also maps... But, since everything was tied up with Unreal was very hard to set up the environment and the community simply gave up after a lot of tries. If you take a look now at their workshop, there are like... 4 Maps, and two of them are (unfinished) tests.

    So, the incredible promising new feature that would put BS18 into a new era of lots of realistic maps simply vanished...

    I hope that the developers can analyze where BS18 failed so that the error does not repeat. This is my wish here, something user-friendly, simple, and easy to set up, so the community can create a lot of amazing things.

    (Sorry to mention another game here, but was needed)

    I think, if you deactivate the motion blur you will be able to increase more.

    This effect is kinda fps hungry.

    Here I keep deactivated because this effect gives me motion sickness

    Hi! I don't know if others have already written that the navigator makes roads that are blocked, in which you have not planned that you could go. Then I noticed that after the last stop a passenger did not get off. thank you

    Yea, the GPS navigator gets confusing sometimes...

    I noticed that if you're going through a road, and the road has 3 lanes, the GPS treats these lanes as separated roads. So, if you're going through a lane that will turn left, but in fact, you need to turn right, the GPS for some reason will redo all the navigation because you're not in the right lane.

    Even I got confused on describing this lol, but I noticed this when I was driving and checking on the map to see what path the GPS was plotting to me. Because I was missing A LOT my turns and going through wrong paths.

    It's a good idea but gets really confusing.

    Just tried the game, the detail is excellent seems spot-on from how I remember Berlin. But the acceleration is a little off, it's like whenever you push up on the keyboard it just flaws it, making it difficult to drive at a reasonable speed, should implement Omsi's braking system. Also the onboard computer was completely non responsive the first time I booted the game, had to restart since there's no quit to menu button, but was fine after that.

    Otherwise all good. :thumbup:

    I think they made the acceleration for pedals, since I use pedals here the acc is ok, I think they just need to tweak a lil bit for people using keyboards

    First of all, congratz on the release! I'm loving the game so far, and I was very afraid of the performance, but even with my 1060 + 32Gb mem the game runs very smoothly.

    I found some small minor bugs like textures, not loading, render delay, and other stuff, the AI is crazy sometimes but, well, feel that I'm really driving in a city lol. What surprises me, and was my main concern seeing pre-alpha videos, was the number of cars and pedestrians on street, because we know that Fernbus have some problems with performances in cities (way small compared to The Bus). But to my surprise, it didn't affect the game's performance.

    So far the game is great!

    Anybody can telll something about pneumatic works? Becsuse in OMSI was alright you can feel how works a seat suspension or when you used some funciton penumatic is reaction on gauges on dashbord how much air left from air tank. In Fernbus was only suspension seat nothing else, you can press many times brake and nothing happend, always full air tank.

    I think, if they will work on something like this will be after the Phase 3 of the Early Access

    I watched the last video from Fabian (video diary) and decided to pause watching all the videos (put my personal embargo ^^) until the early access of "The Bus", so that later I could get behind the wheel of the bus myself and experience all those sensations like the first time :love:

    And by the way, I thought that Direct X 12 was only in the future. But I am very glad that the developers made it. It is very cool! And most importantly, modern! :thumbup:

    As far as I know, even large companies cannot boast of using Direct X 12. So much for the result! It all depends not on the number of employees in the company, but on the desire to make it possible! ;):thumbup:

    It's a pity that I won't be able to test it on my 1050 TI video card ^^

    Perhaps someday I will experience direct x 12 in my favorite simulators :love:

    I did the same... Was watching Jimmy's Livestream thanks for the link provided by timothyrich1 but I decided to stop.

    The game looks incredible, and I really, really liked what I was seeing, but I want to have that "surprise" when I open for the first time, kinda hard to explain.

    My only concern is the performance, I'm seeing a lot of stutters, I know, I know it's still an alpha, but I'm afraid of not being able to run the game.