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    I still have mixed feelings about BS21... I got the 18 and was kinda disappointing, especially the mods that were a huge flop.

    It's not because I'm on TML forums but I kinda like what they are doing with The Bus, using a real city and real routes.

    IDK... lets see

    Nice that the guy is casually slow walking not giving a damn about the cars... very much like some people IRL lool

    Sad to read this Quarney but I wish you success in your career (and a lot of money)

    I don't like to say goodbye to people, so I will just say; Til another day! <3<3

    I know it gives some feeling but is it really so important? To see 1 sec. of pass. boarding. If it takes longer and there is a button to make them beam up directly, 99% of us would click that button. So, it is not that important. Better other things to be improved, like AI Intelligence, i will be happy if it reaches ETS2 AI level at least. Second, light rain etc. And they i counted many things before to bring if possible :))

    Was just a curiosity of mine lol since all other simulators from TML have and FBS dont

    I`m more curious about the tech limitations than the practicality of things.

    When I dont see a rest stop ahead in the trip that I could stop, I usually take a break at the bus stop... yea, I know its not immersive but its better than have the passengers saying that they want to smoke a cigarette, or pee all the time.

    Know it’s disappointing news, but remember it’s not a flat out “no” it’s a “we’re too busy right now, but maybe in the future” :)

    Best Regards.

    I know, this would be probably a GIANT work and overhaul of the actual system, but be honest, you guys know that this would be awesome! One of the best features! I would not even care if was released as a DLC lol.

    But I understand, I'm also a programmer so I can imagine how difficult would be to implement something like this.

    Just feeling that my dreams were crushed a lil bit lol

    As I see here you have the same GPU as me, a 1060 6gb so that would not be a problem, you also have enough memory to run the game 32 gig.

    I would bet on the Windows closing the game for some strange reason.

    Did you saw on the Event Viewer on windows to see what happened? Usually, if windows close anything, he shows the reason there.

    (Just trying to help <3)

    Everything that is planned for The Bus is here:

    I think its the best way to keep an eye of everything they are planning to do

    I honestly think that the current map of the game is already BIG very BIG, sometimes I do a journey from Berlin to Paris and takes a very long time (with some stops on the way)

    I really would like to see England... or at least some part of England? would be very nice to see the Eurotunnel as Euro Truck did

    Temporary solution for this issue is - Switch off the passenger light (Brighter light) and turn the passenger dim light .Now you won't face the flickering issue while driving.


    Thanks! The update fixed this problem that I had, so I can use the VDL again! The flickering was terrible and was almost impossible to drive...

    You guys could use this thread here: Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas the devs always look there and answer

    It's a very nice list but I think most of this requires some overhauls in the system... There is an economy system (hopefully) coming in the near future, that would give us something close to what Tourist Bus have (this is a speculation of mine because the Devs never explained how this economy system will be)

    Also, the game suffers a little with performance (yet) this is why we don't have many cars and passengers.

    For announcements, the devs said in another thread here that would be really hard to record announcements to all stops.

    They were also studying you being assigned to spot in stations, but I don't know what happened to this system, it's being some time that the devs don't talk about this.

    The thing that I really look forward is the Economy System, coz would add a totally new layer of immersion, since would be our responsibility take care of the buses, I think they did a really great job with Tourist Bus, and I really would like to see something similar to Fernbus