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    Hi guys again I am in need of help again so I’ll keep it on this post, I’m really struggling to reskin the comfort class I’m doing everything as per the VDL with the MOD.cfg and info file to no avail. Any help or a mini guide would be really appreciated please.

    thanks in advance

    Morning Ben, hope your well and thank you for your reply.

    mod.cfg and the same ? E.g the image mounting and also,

    Do I save it as PNG or PSD as the command lines in the cfg and .info are PNG

    Finally do I need the alpha file ticked on when saving?

    thank you in advance.

    Hi all this is my first post, AND my first reskin for Fernbus. Tourist bus coming soon,

    So here is where i need help, I’ve mastered the .PNG side, but I really need help with the PSD side such as reskining the comfort class, I am not sure how I go on about that as they are PSD not png can anyone offer a glimmer of information or maybe a link to how to do the PSD files over the PNG please?

    Thanks in advance

    not the best quality as this last one was taken on the phone ?