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    I keep getting an issue where Fernbus crashes every time I try and change anything in the settings. This makes it unplayable as the traffic gridlocks immediately. I have opened support tickets about this issue but they are closed out of the blue without any solution which I find rather unprofessional. I am unable to do anything with Fernbus with the options menu constantly crashing. How can I get this to work?

    I am stuck with trying to get Fernbus to work, I can only get far enough for it to get stuck because of junctions but as soon as I change settings it closes out with a UE4 error. I posted to support but I seem to be missing software. I asked someone on YT comments for advice but the response I got didn't make sense since I can't code, after telling them this they just started suggesting I have never been to school since I can't code.

    I am using a Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel but every time I use the mouse to move the POV around it ends up taking over control from the steering wheel. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Also is there a way to assign functions (indicators, wipers, etc) to the steering wheel buttons? The settings only have the feature to change between key commands.

    Edit: I just noticed the mouse taking over steering control is causing the tracking to be lost so it has gone from being medium level inconvenient to near undriveable. :(

    Edit 2: Is there a way to zoom out of the HUD map?