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    I wish there could be more cities in the future! There are lots of interesting cities like Lisbon that would be awesome to explore in 1:1 scale, even if it's a paid DLC. I also think that the community should be able to make freeware buses with not much difficulty. It would increase the longevity of the sim a lot and I think that the community would love it :)

    Hi everyone!

    I see that nobody yet represented my hometown, the capital of Portugal, the beautiful city of Lisbon! I'm sharing some photos I took through the years:

    This first one is from a night-line and the second one is from a line that connects the suburbs to the center of the city. :)

    Here we have the new buses delivered to "Carris", the electric Caetano e.CityGold and the Midi Buses, Irmãos Mota Atomic Urbin MAN 14.250 with one of the most famous monuments of the city of Lisbon on the background. :)