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    Maximus it's possible, but it doesn't change my opinion that nobody can make a great car/truck/bus simulation game with pre-made game engines, because those types of games require some specific features that can't be produced in a quality manner with these all-in-one engines. Or the workaround is extremely hard and non-intuitive.

    If someone proves me wrong in the future, I'd be happy to review this opinion.

    Thats wrong. The Unreal Engine is the most expensive engine we ever used. But it's totally worth it.

    I meant comparing to a newly developed one. UE is made for mass production and as such doesn't have specific features just for one game genre. Sure, you can make some great AAA arcade games like Assetto Corsa (yeah, that is not a simulation game, even some would think so), but you can't make great simulation games. Simulators are all about reality.


    Thats simply not true. There is no strong fokus to any genre in the unreal engine 4. When SCS started developing ETS the UE4 doesn't exists. They never had the choice to use it. There are real racing games made by UE4 e.g. Assetto Corsa.

    That is the main "problem" with UE. It's not focused on any specific genre. Therefore you can't or it is too hard to make some specific situations and features required for some genres (like bus simulators). You're right, when SCS released ETS, UE didn't exist, but they've had a chance to switch to it few years ago, but the suggestion was spectacularly rejected, mainly because of the reasons I'm mentioning. Money was not an argument there. "On The Road" is made in UE and it is a complete trash comparing to ETS2. It doesn't even have decent graphics, not to mention gameplay itself.


    Which limitations you are talking about? Do you have any specific argument against the engine that is not prejustice?

    I don't have any prejudice about UE, quite the opposite. I love it and even use it myself for some projects. If I must be specific here, I'm talking about AI behavior, optimization issues, physics, etc. I'm not saying all of this couldn't be bypassed by some extensive coding, but the job itself is way harder in UE then in an engine that would be developed specifically for those features.


    Developing an own engine is not possible for us. How should we develope an engine and a game with 4 programmers in total?

    Lack of manpower is a serious issue, no doubt, but you need to understand that your customers don't care about your business problems. I work as a designer at the moment, but I'm an educated industrial manager with 15+ years of experience in business and you can fully trust me when I'm saying this. Final product is all they care about. If you want to compete, you need to overcome your issues, or someone else will take your place. Making AAA games is not a job for just 4 developers. It's simply impossible to handle for such a small team.


    Sure, money and profits are important for us. It's simple: If we had decided to make an own engine then TML would no longer exists.

    If you really think this, then your managing stuff is not doing their job as they should. There are a lot of ways of funding the early development, so the statement that TML would go bankrupt if you made your own engine is, simply, not true. It's just a matter of management. Nothing is impossible in business if you have the knowledge, especially in 21st century. Resources are available for those who are willing to stand out.

    I'm sorry, didn't want to go off topic with this, but some answers really surprised me. It was never my intention to insult or discredit anyone, just had an opinion, based on my extensive knowledge and experience, that you can do better. And I'm sure you can. If you want ;)

    If passenger animation is not important, I wonder what would be important in a game where we transport passengers.

    These days I wonder why TML chose Unreal Engine for a bus simulator. The engine is so bad that it limits itself to a simple task like this.

    They use Unreal Engine because Unreal is the cheapest and fastest production engine. With minimal effort you can produce full games or make changes to existing ones, compared to other engines. You don't even need to design props much, you can find everything you need on the market even free.

    Unreal is perhaps good for FPS or RPG games, but for driving simulations it is a total waste of time and money. You can't make a good driving experience in Unreal because of its limitations. That's the reason why SCS never wanted to use it and they developed their own engine as well as Turn10 Studios for Forza Horizon. The downside is that you have to dedicate a lot of resources to develop your own engine for the game, but on the other side, you can do whatever you want without limitations.

    By my opinion, developers are too into money and profits then devotion to make the best driving experience possible. That's the main problem. They don't realize the different approach would make them even bigger profits in long-term.

    Same problem here. Whatever graphic settings I choose, can't get the FPS go above 50. Even tried to use nVidia Profile Inspector to adjust some settings, but no result, at best. Resolution set to 1080p, even worse at 2k.


    i7 4770K 3.5GHz (water cooled)

    12GB RAM at 2400MHz

    RTX 3060 MSI Gaming Trio X (overclocked to max to remain stable: mem: 8500MHz, gpu: 2050MHz, core voltage: no change 0%)

    SSD M2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Anyone having any ideas why the game runs on this rig with such a bad FPS? It should run smoothly even on 4k with max settings on this.


    I'm having the issue with constant steering misbehavior penalties while driving any bus. At the end of the trip, I get negative XP because of it. I'm using Logitech Driving Force MX. Most of the messages pop up while driving even very slow and perfectly straight. I tried to recalibrate, disable other button or axis functions in Controls and leave only the steering wheel assigned, but nothing seems to help.