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    It happened when I was opening the door at bus stop (Line 200). It happened 'randomly' at a bus stop, so I cannot tell where it happened excatly. But it did happen every time I played. (I can still hear the background sound, like engine, phone rings, noice from other cars on the road, however the screen freezed.)

    Hello, as written on the official website, the early access phase will be lasting for around 8-16 months. It has been already 8 months after the release in March. However, the phase 1 is still going on and one-third of the work has not been completed. So I want to know, how long will be the early access according to the current work progress?


    Everything in the backlog is planned, just not decided when it will happen, NPCs won’t be able to ride bicycles, too complex to implement and could you please explain “real time traffic” there’s no such feature and what your describing makes no sense.

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    Now we have to set the 'AI Traffic Density' by ourselves in the game. For 'real time traffic' I mean, for example, we can get the 'real time traffic density' from google Map(on which road the traffic density is heavy/heavy traffic jam) and then the real-time traffic density can be simulated.

    And as asked, will the 'Zeitanzeige' of bus stations work?? Now there is nothing showed on the Zeitanzeige. It would be perfect if it works!

    (Zeitanzeige is the thing on many bus stations that shows the passengers 'which bus' in 'how many minutes' comes)


    Hey, I would expect some features like the standing passengers in the bus(I saw it is already in Backblog, but not planned), the working "Zeitanzeige an den Haltstellen" and NPCs that ride bikes in the bike zone on the street. And I'm also looking forward to the feature "real-time traffic". Then we don't have to set traffic flow always by ourselves.