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    Hello, I now played the game for 2 to 3 hour and I really got say you guys have really done yourself proud making the game look so incredible, so I think it's only fair to say big well done to TML. :) So Well done you guys have done your self proud.
    However their some small issue, looking at the game I notice that some passages are getting stuck when leaving the train, and passages are just spawning from the celling which doesn't look right and when not using Conductor mode sometime the door shut too fast for all passage who want to get aboard.
    I just through to share my views.
    Keep up the good work. :)

    Do we know for definitely, because you may say that WOS 4 on the steam the English has been ticked for audio, subtitles,Interface but City bus simulator Munich said same but the but the sounds for interactive communication is German sound but with English subtitles.
    So I just want to checkI not bother it is or not, I just wanted to check

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    Thanks you for support :)

    World of subways 4 is Looks amazing and I can't wait to pre-order this amazing game!I would like to say: Keep up the good work and have nice weekend!

    And thank for English translation!:)

    Subways JUGGZTo make a good game they can't rush it because they got to make it feel like it driving in real life. For example GTA 5 , City bus simulator Munich or Euro truck simulator 2. All of them game took there time to make them right before they release them out. Gta 5 had over 100 staff and it took over 2 year but TML studios has less 20 I think. Tml studios are one of the best for simulation so I think they what to keep it that way. Hope this helps:)

    Hi Vincent

    The 100 serving about 96 bus stop bothways(100 stations if four connecting/transfer stations are counted twice), and encompassing 95 kilometres (59 miles) of routes

    The other thing is that it's does not cover all the city and there no other place. But I must tell you this you get DRUNK passages and cars on fire or crash which is just like real life
    I hope this help mate.


    Hi Vincent

    I will answer all you question you ask


    Content List Update 1.2.4 (This update includes ALL previously released updates.):

    - Physics improvements on articulated bus when using steering wheel, gamepads or mouse control

    Update 1.2.3:


    - System crashes occuring with (very) high visibility range mostly in the 64-bit version have been fixed.

    - The duration of red light on the crossings of the main route has been reduced.

    - The physics of the player buses have been improved, e.g. at kerbs (The bus will not bounce back in the event of lateral crashes with the kerb).

    - The player bus can now drive onto/ over kerbs.

    - The setting angle of the inside mirror has been extended.

    - The acceleration of the player bus has been decreased.

    - The visibility range of objects can now be set in the graphics menu.

    - The engine volume can now be set in the sound menu.

    - The number of AI-cars, AI-trucks and AI-busses can now be set separately in the player menu.

    - Realistic schedule times can now be switched on and off in the player menu. The latter increases the scheduled time.

    - Exhaust emission with warm engine has been reduced.

    - One truck texture has been reworked.

    - Passengers in AI-busses are even more detailed.

    - The correct announcement is now played at the bus stop "Königsstraße".

    - The main areas are now labeled on the outline map.

    - The camera at the driver's cab is now placed central to the screen.

    - Permanent new spawning of passengers at bus stops has been stopped.

    - Vehicle voltage cannot be turned off while the engine is running.

    - The keyboard does not react to control elements of the bus when the player stands outside of the vehicle.

    - The start tutorial is now switched on by default (only at first start of the game). It can be switched off in the OCC-->Player-->Tutorial.

    - A new effect simulating rain splashes has been added.

    Update 1.2.1:


    - Crashes occuring on some systems due to certain weather settings have been fixed.

    - Double key assignments on some steering wheels/ gamepads have been fixed.

    Update 1.2:


    - Incorrect displays in GUI occuring with AMD graphic cards have been fixed.

    27 lines
    The last question I can answer but I can tell you that you will see
    ◾More than 43 faithfully designed sights and characteristic buildings of Munich

    Sound Good Tom and I also like second image as my friend did not think it was game! He could not believe it was game.
    Well done.
    Good luck with the new game Tom