Ankündigung Wanted: Professional Modders!

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    • Wanted: Professional Modders!

      Hey everyone,

      we've already mentioned that our Modding Tools for Fernbus Coach Simulator will be released very soon! We're very excited and are completing final tests and creating tutorial videos, to make it as easy as possible to use our tools.
      We want to give professional modders, that have already gained some experience with other engines and games, the chance to try the tools out before official release!

      Interested? Send an email to with a portfolio of your previous work.

      We'd love to get in contact with you! Don't worry, the final release of our tools is very close so everybody will soon be able to rumble!

      Ich habe jetzt eine Facebook-Seite - Komm vorbei und drück den Daumen nach oben! :thumbup: