Ankündigung World of Subways 4 - Remote Announcements now available

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    • World of Subways 4 - Remote Announcements now available

      Hey folks,

      Some time ago FT Software and I developed a tool for WOS4 which allows you to play announcements from any mobile device. However, this tool went offline a while ago and we decided to build a new version from scratch. I'm happy to announce the preview availability of World of Subways 4 - Remote Announcement for Windows 10 which is basically an enhanced version of the obsolete desktop application.

      Preview? You heard it. I'd like to get your input and feedback about this tool for WOS4. Maybe some of you are even interested in an alternative for Fernbus Coach Simulator. Let me know what you think and please report any issues you encounter in this thread.

      Without any further ado, head over here to download the tool and take a look at the guides:

      Take a look at @joni96's gameplay video to see it in action. Pay attention to the announcements playing in the background.

      Cheers and have fun!