Ankündigung 1st Advent 2017: The Control Center in THE BUS

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    • 1st Advent 2017: The Control Center in THE BUS

      Hey everyone,

      Christmas is coming closer again, and it's time to hit out some little surprises every Advent, starting today.

      Today, we're finally showing off new screenshots from our current project The BUS. This is the current state of the virtual control center, where you'll be able to dispatch your buses and drivers and control everything what happens out there. The best of all is that it always works, no matter if you're in multiplayer or single player mode.

      Have a great time.

      Best regards,
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      Ich habe jetzt eine Facebook-Seite - Komm vorbei und drück den Daumen nach oben! :thumbup:
    • It's a place for regulation of the lines :D

      There the guys "regulators" decide to regulate the departure time dynamically, to separate busses in dependancy of traffic or passenger amout and other events like deviations on the route, bus replacements, signaling failures etc...
      Drivers are theirs eyes beside the monitors and exchanges of info goes in two way between them. If you arrive at the final stop and you need to pee you call him for more time lol xD

      As a real bus driver, that comes in handy :P

      They see there the busses on screens via GPS tracking on the route map, position and distances between them, delays or advances etc....

      Very nicely represented!

      Let's hope many of their work will be put in here since it is difficult part and on the massive lines with traffic it is needed!! :D
      And make a Supervisor role also if you are plainning putting one dispatcher at one the desk, for coordination guy! If a dispatcher do the "shitty job" a driver could call a sup! :D

      Keep up the great work TML, make this as complete as possible.
    • I am liking the aspect of being a service controller, that's an element of simulation we've not had incorporated with driving, it's either one or the other. This is ideal seeing as I worked alongside controllers for a number of years, and yeah many a driver has cost some mileage for a toilet break either mid route or at the terminus.

      Keeping a good ontime departure is one of the key factors so this will be challenging. I look forward to playing with the community here, as you all seem like it'd be a right laugh!
      What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup: