Ankündigung Screenshots: Corralejo

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    • Screenshots: Corralejo

      Hey everyone,

      new week, new screenshots! Today, we'll start to show off some of the included cities of Fuerteventura: Starting with Corralejo. As mentioned in the official announcements (see more in the Fuerteventura forums), there will be 20 highly detailed cities included in the game. Every city has its very own small and big special points and surprises. Corralejo has a large swimming pool area, open for all, and a big harbor, where you will be able to drop off and pick up passengers. While building all these cities for this game, we're taking big care and putting a lot of love into details. Every city will have its partially unique objects that will give them a special and dynamic look. We will demonstrate this some more in the coming weeks with more screenshots and videos.

      So, that's it for today. Have fun!

      Best regards,
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_005.png

        2,86 MB, 1.280×720, 185 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_003.png

        2,69 MB, 1.280×720, 153 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_001.png

        2,75 MB, 1.280×720, 143 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_004.png

        2,94 MB, 1.280×720, 120 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_006.png

        3,06 MB, 1.280×720, 115 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_002.png

        3,31 MB, 1.280×720, 159 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_008.png

        3,22 MB, 1.280×720, 112 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_009.png

        2,69 MB, 1.280×720, 113 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_007.png

        3,15 MB, 1.280×720, 106 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_010.png

        2,65 MB, 1.280×720, 100 mal angesehen
      • TML_Fuerteventura_Corralejo_011.png

        2,69 MB, 1.280×720, 109 mal angesehen
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    • Beautiful pictures, you are doing a great job, are to be congratulated.

      I am seeing many details in houses, lots and different objects quite variety.

      I researched the island of Fuerteventura, I liked the cities, beaches, towns, faroes and some areas far from the cities that offer furisticas attractions and lodging (club and hotel).
      I liked the cities, most of them are small geared towards tourism, with smaller buildings (a few floors), establishments and quite houses.

      What will really prevail in the game will be the details and points turiscos of each region and something possible to do in this game.

      By absorbing information about the island Fuerteventura I realized that it is a game with much more potential even than the Fernbus.

      In my view the long-term Fuerteventura game will deliver a much more realistic experience than Fernbus by having an in-depth eco system.

      Something like that I expect from a game of the genre, are many possibilities and seeing the latest posts I'm excited about this new game. Seeing a lot of commitment from TML to deliver a game differentiated and rich in details. I hope every city really has the turbulence points and other parcularities of the real cities.
    • I agree with a friend @Daniel F we expect such a game , However, for me Fernbus is still very important because it's a beautiful game. :D :thumbup: .
      When will the Beta 1.18 version of FERNBUS Chris @UndergroundBerlin ;)
      When will DLC BUNDESLIGA :D
      When will VDL BUS :)
      When will map FRANCE DLC :)
      When pedestrians on the streets 8)
      Rain from under bus wheels
      Very good simulator we are waiting for everything that has been announced for a long time. I hope Chris @UndergroundBerlin will answer ;) :thumbsup: Please, develop Fernbus and answer to many players ;)
      Nice bus ride FERNBUS :D :thumbup: :fernbus: :fbs-sign-330:
    • @Martin 40 Bus ;)

      When they announced the Fuerteventura I was very annoyed and disappointed with the TML, I hope Fernbus, for me the game is still incomplete. I followed the development until its launch, I was almost a year waiting to be released.
      Waiting for everything you've listed in your review and better performance and improvements on the current map.

      The evolution of Fernbus is delayed and I believe that it will continue to improve but it is somewhat slow.
      The animator that the Unreal graphics engine is the same for Fernbus, Fuerteventura and The Bus so the features of the games can be availed in all games. And the TML staff is also learning how to handle the Unreal engine. 8) :thumbup:
    • I have been playing Fernbus for a long time ;) @Daniel F , mproving the game is visible . Works on Fernbus updates and what I mentioned have been going they last very long . TML STUDIOS is learning about this engine, I'm happy about the project Fuerteventura , The Bus , I am asking for an answer about Fernbus TML STUDIOS Chris @UndergroundBerlin Thank you for working on Fernbus and please add what I say at a faster pace :) :thumbsup: :fernbus: :fbs-sign-224: :mathias: It seems to me that TML STUDIOS is doing 3 game projects and that's why Fernbus waiting long time, expectations are large players to enter what I say and beta update 1.18. version
      Nice bus ride FERNBUS :D :thumbup: :fernbus: :fbs-sign-330: