Adventskalender 2014 - 2. Advent

Herzlich Willkommen in der TML-Studios Community! Bitte lies Dir die Communityregeln und Tipps & Hinweise durch. Wir wünschen ganz viel Spaß!

  • Adventskalender 2014 - 2. Advent

    Schönen zweiten Advent zusammen!!

    Heute zeigen wir euch mal etwas von einem bereits veröffentlichten Spiel von TML-Studios.

    Ein brandneuer Trailer zu World of Subways Vol. 1 - PATH Route

    Dies ist die Einleitung auf ein richtig cooles Projekt, das sehr bald der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wird. Stichwort TML TV. Schon sehr bald werdet ihr alles über das Projekt erfahren und vor allem einiges dazu sehen können.

    Bis dahin viel Spaß hiermit! Wer hat Lust bekommen das Game wieder auszugraben? Ich schon... ;)



    Happy second advent everybody!!

    Today, we're not going to show you something from the game development, but more something regarding an existing TML-Studios game.

    A brand new TRAILER for World of Subways Vol. 1 - PATH Route

    This is the prologue of a great project that is about to launch! Keep the name TML TV in your heads - very soon you will get to read about all the details and also watch a bunch of great things.

    Till then, enjoy the video! Who's in the mood of playing the game now? I am... ;)


    Ich habe jetzt eine Facebook-Seite - Komm vorbei und drück den Daumen nach oben! :thumbup:
  • it's funny because even the Path is set up much like a subway it is actually a railroad and has to meet all FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) guidelines that a railroad has to follow....PATH continues to be subject to FRA regulations because it used to share trackage with Pennsylvania Railroad in the section between Hudson interlocking near Harrison and Journal Square. In more recent past the line continued to have a connection to the Amtrak mainline near Harrison station and also near Hudson tower, but these connections have since been severed as the track layout at Hudson interlocking has been modified considerably. While the PATH does operate under a number of grandfather waivers, it is required to do things not typically seen on American transit systems. Some of these include the proper fitting of grab irons to all PATH rolling stock, the use of federally certified locomotive engineers, and compliance with the federal railroad hours of service regulations.

    While the PATH did once share trackage with the Pennsylvania Railroad, this joint running and all interlocking connections to the former rail lines have been cut, except for one diamond crossing on a siding near the Hudson tower. Due to its isolation from the national rail network, PATH could potentially end its status as a railroad. However, this railroad status might prove valuable if PATH were to extend service along existing rail routes as normally transit lines are required to either run on separate rights of way or time share with FRA railroads.