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  • Hi Denis,
    Where can I find my saved screenshots in The Bus.
    I looked in Users an in the steam route. I can't find them.

  • @DenisVarlamov88 
    Hi Denis,

    Then I don't remember either about your performance.

    I had also sent a message to Eric that there is a huge performance difference between the Fernbus Simulator and The Bus.

    Both run on the Unreal engine so that cannot be the fault. The Fernbus is much smoother.

    So this is where my knowledge and experience ends.

    But at TML they are busy keeping performance up to standard. I trust that 100%.

    On the roadmap I see that they also have an update planned for the Unreal engine.
    Maybe we should wait for that.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Leo, The Netherlands.

  • From Russia? :)

    • Hi) Yes!

    • Bonsoir je viens de voir que tu joues à Bus Touristique Simulateur, je suis Francais . pourrais-tu m'aider sur quelques conseils versez démarrer et vers le tableau de bord.

      Merci de ton aide, Terry

    • I come from Germany. Who do you mean now?