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  • Hey all, I'm requesting some skins but the only problem is A, I cant find a person who does all the coaches i have and B, I want a new skin but the thing is i want a new one but I don't know what, maybe a better Benson corp or a full remake of it but with the same colours. Maybe calling it Benson Leisure group tours or something like that (I'm terrible at making names and all that) if any of you see this post can you list me some good skin makers who do requests and hopefully can put it onto tourist bus and Fernbus but obviously calling it something different.

    Busses i use in my fleet:

    ~All Scania Touring Coaches

    ~All Comfort Class Coaches

    ~All VDL Coaches

    ~All MAN Coaches (Rarely Use Them Though)

    ~W906 Mini Van

    ~BB40 Mini Bus

    ~Hopefully Moving Onto The Skyliner Soon

    ~Never Gonna Use The MAN Lion InterCity (Don't Like The Look Of It)