Sunrise – The Game

Sunrise - The Game
About Sunrise – The Game

Meanwhile, a cult game, which leaves no eye dry. Completely painfree dialogues, stupid sayings and word-puking protagonists roam the game. Anyone who has not met them, somehow, sometime missed something.


Three young men, spoken by the well-known voice actors Andreas Fröhlich, Torsten Michaelis and Dirk Müller, are preparing their groundbreaking experiment: An object shall be “beamed” from A to B.

But something goes wrong, there is a huge explosion and the men lose consciousness. Upon awakening, they realize with horror that all of Manhattan is deserted and dark. Where are the inhabitants of the Big Apple? Only a pretty young woman lies unconscious and soaked in the door of the loft. Now the puzzles start. The identity of the woman has to be clarified. Rydec, Max and Brian are feverishly looking for a solution, but they can´t do it without the help of the player.

The Adventure by TML Studios is taking unusual paths. The player do not need to collect an infinite number of items in an inventory bar, he finds everything necessary in the scene. Rydec, the character, applies things directly when he needs them. For everything he can not use, he has a snappy spell ready. Cool slogans and witty dialogues are an important part of SUNRISE and always irritate the player’s laughing muscles. Suggestions for solutions are provided by Rydec’s friends Max and Brian.

The graphic realization of over 140 locations in Manhattan on the basis of photorealistic textures is another highlight of this game. Rarely has the flair of New York been presented so atmospherically. The TML team has created more than 1000 photos in Manhattan.
Another highlight, in the truest sense of the word, is the physically correct appearance of the lighting and lighting effects, shadows and reflections. This painstaking manual work creates lovingly designed atmospheres and details that look amazingly real.
SUNRISE also surprises with different solutions of individual puzzles. Where in most adventure games there is only one solution, SUNRISE offers several solutions.

For example, if a rag is needed, a T-shirt or a towel can also help. Through these different solutions, the storylines branch out in the game and each player has a slightly different gameplay.
It was very important to the developers to create a non-violent game that is nevertheless exciting and contains Action elements. Instead of blood, SUNRISE runs a smile through the face of the player for the most part.

With over 20 hours of gameplay, this adventure is a PC game for young and old, man and woman.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Win 7 64 Bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Processor:

    Pentium IV 2.6 GHz

  • Memory:

    512 MB Ram


    DirectX 9.0c - comparable


    8 GB available space

  • Sound Card:

    100% DirectX 9.0c compatible

Game Details
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Sunrise - The Game

  • Language
  • Interface
  • Audio
  • Subtitles
  • German
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