The Year In Preview
A brief overview of the coming year: For us, 2021 will of course be all about The Bus. We will make full use of the announced time, so Early Access will begin in March. We are concentrating all our forces and energy into the EA right now, but beforehand, however, there will be one or...
Update 27 for Fernbus Simulator
Update 27 and a Hotfixes have officially been released We just released Update 27, including a Hotfixes for Fernbus Simulator! We took a close look at the performance, fixed various bugs and imperfections and prepared a new (very soon to be released) DLC. You can find the complete changelog here: Changelog 1.27.37988 Optimization of streaming...
Update 9 for Tourist Bus Simulator
Update 9 has been officially released! A new update has been officially released!We’ve added a new mode, Schedule Service, fixed some crashes and made some parts of various busses editable in the repaint shop. Additionally, we have added a mode for colour blind people and the camera pans now when changing cameras. You can see...
Update 26 for Fernbus Simulator
Update 26 has been officially released! This update focused on the new light, sky and weather system as well as the new grass vegetation that was added. The Fernbus Simulator shines in a completely new outfit. Furthermore, the long-awaited Italian localization has been implemented in the game. Many many bugs were fixed in addition to...
Update 8 for Tourist Bus Simulator
Update 8 for Tourist Bus Simulator has officially been released! You can look forward to a lot: We have further improved the performance, the input of Fanatec devices now works correctly, support for Tobii Eye Tracker and a completely new lighting and landscape system have been added. You can read the complete changelog here: Changelog...
Update 25 for Fernbus Simulator
Update 25 has been officially released! In this update, we have primarily dealt with technical innovations. Thanks to the support of Tobii Gaming, we were able to implement the eye tracker with which our players, if they have the hardware, can experience the unique Tobii Eye Tracking. Furthermore, it was possible for us, in cooperation...
Update 7 for Tourist Bus Simulator: Now Available
A new Update for Tourist Bus Simulator is now available! In Update 7 we switch to a new version of Unreal Engine 4 (please make backup copies of your saved files before the update, as they will no longer be backwards compatible with Update 6). We have improved the performance a bit and made final...
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The Year In Preview
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