The Bus – Happy Release Day!

More realistic than ever: Next generation city bus simulator THE BUS has Berlin on a scale of 1:1!

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the new city bus simulation game The Bus by Aerosoft and TML STUDIOS will launch into Early Access.The title marks the next generation of city bus simulation games and offers players the opportunity to explore the city core of Berlin with its most vibrant districts and most popular sights behind the wheel of various public buses – and all this on a scale of 1:1! Whether it’s the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Memorial Church, Museum Island, Central Station, Potsdamer Platz or the government district and, of course, the TV tower that can be seen everywhere – the visual representation sets new standards. 

At the start of Early Access, players can transport their passengers in a Scania Citywide bus routes of the TXL line between the former Tegel Airport and Robert-Koch-Platz near Berlin’s famous Charité hospital. The weather conditions on all journeys are freely selectable or can be changed dynamically. 

A roadmap to full release

Further features and content are then to be added gradually: TML STUDIOS have compiled a roadmap in three phases for that. After phase 1, which begins with the Early Access release, phase 2 will contain a multiplayer mode (for freeplay and later also economy mode), the bus lines 100 and 200, further bus models and variants, a freely drivable area between the main station and Potsdamer Platz with Tiergarten included and other features. 

Phase three will then add extensive modding tools, a very complex economic system for running your own bus company, the final  bus line 245 and the original bus depot in Indira-Ghandi-Straße.

With The Bus, we are depicting Berlin on a very large scale. This makes the game extremely realistic,” underlines Thomas Langelotz, CEO of TML STUDIOS, adding, “But what makes it special is that in addition to the next-gen driving simulation, we are also including a complex economy mode, a whole bunch of modding tools and, above all, a multiplayer mode. This combination is unique so far.

The Bus is a completely new kind of bus simulator and will have a strong impact on the genre,” says Winfried Diekmann, CEO of Aerosoft. “We have already implemented several titles with TML STUDIOS and are firmly convinced that The Bus will be a great success.”  

Close exchange with the community

TML STUDIOS want to benefit from the Early Access phase by constantly adapt their work of The Bus in an intensive dialogue with the community. This ensures that all features are geared towards the needs of the players. At full release, The Bus will be a very comprehensive combination of driving simulation for both demanding simulator fans and casual players, complex business simulation and multiplayer game. In addition, there will be editors with many functions for intensive modding.

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