The Bus – Update 1.1

After the successful start of The Bus in Early Access, we collected your feedback and tackled the most serious problems regarding the game start, crashes and stability as quickly as possible and already implemented a few improvements and fixed small to medium-sized bugs that you suggested and reported.

We are particularly pleased that so many of you are using the ability to send feedback directly from within the game. So we can collect your tickets in the same place as our own tickets.

The next update is of course already in development and will soon be available again as a beta update so that you can test it extensively before it is finally released.

And below you will find the entire changelog with all changes in detail.

Changelog 0.5.40521 EA

  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and DirectX improved
  • Fixed some crashes caused by the in-game editors
  • Fixed some navigation errors
  • Added option to disable the action camera (OptionsGameGeneralShow action camera)
  • Improved some menus in screen resolutions of 4:3, 5:4 and 16:10
  • The field of view (FOV) can now be increased to 120 using the sliders
  • With TrackIR active the mouse cursor can now be used
  • Fixed blurry texture resolution of the small trucks
  • Operating plan menu added, changes in the in-game editors can be reset here for the time being
  • Passenger can now pay with more variety of hard money when buying tickets
  • Fixed typo “Stehlplätzr” (=Standing room)
  • Replaced billboards of Quadriga (Brandenburg Gate) and Viktoria (Victory Column) with actual 3d models
  • Replaced the statue on the street “Unter den Linden” with a more appropriate horseman statue
  • Updated model of Brandenburg Gate
  • Fixed localization errors
  • Added missing localization strings
  • Passengers now walk up to the curbstone when their bus line approaches the stop
  • Cigarette ATM physics fixed, should no longer fall on its own for no reason
  • Radio now stops correctly when stopped and closed
  • Passengers now wait for the doors to fully open before disembarking
  • Public Feedback Reporter optimized
  • Added off state to observation monitor
  • Miscellaneous graphic fixes
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