The Bus – Update 1.2

The second update for The Bus has just been released!

In addition to optimizing performance and physics, we took care of the line editor, corrected the passengers and much more.

You can see the full changelog here:

Changelog 0.6.41766 EA

  • Updated lighting systems: sunlight, moonlight, vehicle lights, street lights, buildings, etc.
  • Matrix displays updated
  • Removed incorrect localisations of matrix display strings
  • Updated vehicle physics
  • Performance optimisations
  • Onboarding passengers now walk to their correct seat instead of teleporting
  • Disembarking passengers now move from their seat and walk to the exit doors instead of teleporting
  • Disembarking passengers now choose the closest door to their seat’s position when exiting the vehicle
  • Disembarking passengers now can leave through any door
  • Bus line TXL: time of travel in-between bus stops updated
  • Operating Plan menu update
  • Added license plates to parking cars
  • Fixed a bug in the German license plate system, e.g. 5-digit numbers should no longer be possible
  • In-Game Editors: Deleting stops in lines now correctly updates all routes
  • Board Computer: You can now use Numpad on your keyboard to enter the tour code
  • Added a keybinding that allows pausing the mouse control input to enable mouselook
  • Incorrectly reported conflicts between key assignments have been fixed
  • Fixed bug where the standard operating plan wasn’t loaded correctly after resetting.
  • Weather templates have been updated
  • Geometries of buildings have been updated
  • Some traffic fixes for traffic lights, ROW (right of way) and speed limits
  • Some navigation fixes
  • Additional aspect ratio fixes for UI screens and HUD
  • Fixed some asset physics
  • Fixed some shader compiling errors
  • Update feedback reporting tool
  • Retarder now fades out correctly
  • Updated camera distance when using the photo mode
  • Dynamic weather templates are now loaded correctly from savegame data (will only work with new save game files)
  • Updated the positions of the roof hatches
  • Updated the positions of the observation cameras in the Scania Citywide 12M
  • Fixed traffic lights that don’t update on spawning
  • Passengers can now use different clothing patterns and colours
  • Reset vehicle function updated – should no longer place the vehicle into invisible walls and respects rear end of articulated vehicles and the maximum length of the vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where the photo mode could interfere with the vehicle controls
  • Fixed footstep sound not respecting effect volume settings
  • Updated collisions of some assets
  • Fixed 5.1 surround sound
  • Immediately adjust radio when the volume is changed in settings
  • Added additional bus stops
  • Updated position of bus stop Charité – Campus Mitte
  • Added missing announcement for bus stop Beusselstrasse
  • Scania Citywide: When taking a right turn the observation monitor will switch automatically to the right side exterior camera and switch back after completing the turn
  • Scania Citywide: Observation camera now switches to exterior rear door camera view, when the door is opened
  • Added locking to opening/closing radio streams to fix a rare game freeze
  • The volume slider in the radio GUI now blinks if set to 0 (Null)
  • Updated the behaviour of the driver’s cabin light
  • Updated bus stop marker visibility depending on an active route
  • Updated NPC performance
  • Fixed spawning NPC head direction
  • The last existing line in the Line Editor cannot be deleted anymore
  • Fixed overexposure in mirrors caused by light shafts
  • Updated steering velocity curve for Scania Citywide
  • Fixed eye adaption when using time of day slider in photo mode
  • Fixed reset vehicle function when near an invisible wall
  • Added function to reset player position in the pause menu when not driving a vehicle
  • Preparations for a terminal loop at Alexanderplatz/Memhardtstraße
  • Updated maximum Field of View values for Ultrawide displays
  • Updated traffic light timing at crossroad Alexanderplatz / Memhardtstrasse and Alexanderplatz terminal loop
  • Fixed route navigation at Alexanderplatz terminal loop
  • Fixed wheel material of NPC vehicles
  • Radio is now audible in the rear of the Scania Citywide 18M
  • Fixed invisible passengers in mirrors on low-quality settings when loading a savegame
  • Fixed radio becoming audible while changing volume in settings
  • Fixed weird radio sound on launch for certain PC configurations
  • Fixed the time display on the radio screen
  • Fixed reversing camera on low-quality settings
  • Fixed brake light sensitivity of NPC vehicles
  • UI text fixes
  • Other minor fixes
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