The Bus – Update 1.6

Update 1.6 in the Early Access of The Bus upgrades the game to Unreal Engine 4.26 and mainly focuses on fixing a lot of bugs and crashes and adds quality life changes to existing features.

We’re very glad to announce The Bus will become available for Nvidia’s GeForce Now in October. With GeForce Now, you will be able to stream The Bus on your PC or any Android mobile device. So, you may actually play The Bus while sitting in a real city bus. How cool is that?!

Following you will find a detailed list with all the changes.

Changelog 0.10.44613 EA Beta

  • Performance optimisations on streaming levels**
  • Fixed shadow artefacts
  • Fixed route select left arrow button not being clickable
  • Various level art fixes
  • Fixed another crash when opening the feedback reporter
  • Set timetable menu route interval time to max 60 minutes instead of 30
  • Added line name to savegame info
  • Auto-saves added to savegame menu (only works with new saves)
  • Observation camera system overhauled
  • Fixed observation camera freezing in frame
  • Fixed observation camera doubling up in certain situations
  • Improved cross selector performance**
  • Level streaming bounds optimized
  • Fixed a rare bug where the bus would be unable to start driving
  • Some passenger behaviour fixes
  • Passengers now start leaving the bus when you reach the stop
  • Mouse control now holds the current input when it is paused
  • Fixed inaccuracy with the Scania Citywide door buttons
  • UI updated to better handle lines with a lot of stops
  • Fixed grainy noise effect on many textures
  • Added Alternative Mouse Control UI
  • Steering Wheel now uses the correct Rotation when using Mouse Control
  • It is now possible to modify Mouse Control Inputs similar to other controls. You may need to Reset your Controls to see this Option
  • Fixed Door Wing Locking
  • Fixed Crosselector door selection not moving
  • Fixed Bus getting stuck if the only simple engine was selected
  • Fixed Animation of flags
  • Traffic Light Shader improved
  • Fixed Map dragging lag
  • Fixed some weird artefacts in the distance (Level LODs)
  • Fixed some bugs in the main menu
  • Improvements in passenger behaviour
  • Matrix Display Shader improved
  • Fixed a crash when the schedule is opened in the pause menu and sending ticket via F1
  • Added frame rate limit option to graphics settings
  • Standing bicycles with no physics have been fixed
  • Passenger improvements
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Vehicle shaft inertia and wheel friction updated

** Please, be aware that the impact of performance optimisations varies from system to system due to hardware configurations, installed software and other programs running in the background

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