Tourist Bus Simulator: Update 6 officially available

Update 6 for Tourist Bus Simulator is now officially available!

Crashes and bugs were fixed and many minor corrections were made. And of course, we are excited to see the new photo mode in action.

Please note: Due to the change in the engine version, savegames created with this new version are no longer compatible with older versions. So if you switch to this version but want to go back, the savegames are no longer loadable.

Below is the complete changelog:

Changelog 1.6.30777

  • Fixed various game-breaking crashes after the beginning and during the game
  • New loading screen
  • Added new photo-mode
  • Performance fixes and improvements
  • Removed some foliage from the streets
  • Some minor bug and crash fixes
  • Spray corrected when it rains
  • Errors in the localizations of Asian languages
  • Air conditioning SFX adapted
  • Lag when switching web radio stations has been fixed
  • The search radius of employee apartments in La Pared now disappears correctly when both apartments have been found
  • Vegetation shader updated
  • Animation of vegetation updated
  • Graphics of some decals fixed
  • Rain removed in warehouses
  • Sound in crystal cave fixed
  • Miscellaneous graphical corrections
  • Some localisations fixed


  • Fixed a bug causing the reverse beep to be audible every time you stop and stand still
  • Fixed an issue preventing strange objects to appear inside the headlight
  • Fixed a bug causing light to flash on window glass and navigation tablet
  • Fixed a bug where only one repaint was available
  • Fixed an issue causing rain to stream on the inside of the door
  • Fixed an issue causing the near blur to be too extreme for the dashboard cameras
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from being able to reach a 100% service rating

MAN Lion’s Intercity

  • Fixed a bug causing a non-existing restroom getting broken/malfunctioning

Scania Touring

  • Fixed an issue causing the luggage hatches to open and close while checking in passengers inside after a break
  • Added missing buttons to the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug causing the Scania Touring not to be available after installation
  • Fixed a bug causing the passenger’s legs to clip through the board when sitting on the right-hand side first row
  • Fixed an issue concerning the temperature display not being completely visible
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