Update 26 for Fernbus Simulator

Update 26 has been officially released!

This update focused on the new light, sky and weather system as well as the new grass vegetation that was added. The Fernbus Simulator shines in a completely new outfit. Furthermore, the long-awaited Italian localization has been implemented in the game. Many many bugs were fixed in addition to optimizing performance and streaming.

Due to problems within the engine, two additional hotfixes had to be issued. You can find all changelogs below:

Changelog 1.26.35564

  • Italian localization completed
  • Optimization of performance and streaming
  • New light, sky and weather system added
  • Seat and driver camera settings are now independent for each vehicle
  • New grass vegetation
  • Added grass on the edge of the highway and federal road sections
  • Starting in the “Free Play” mode in Karlsruhe now works again
  • Route at Steinhude revised
  • With digital tickets in shuttle mode, passengers now show the correct graphics on their smartphone
  • Fixed crash when loading routes
  • Corrected incorrect landscape LOD texture assignment
  • Corrected graphic artifacts of Distance Fields
  • Symbols on the world map are now correctly displayed depending on the mode (FlixBus or Shuttle)
  • Fixed a bug that caused glittering effects in the 3rd person camera
  • Corrected the labeling of traffic signs
  • Fixed incorrect collision
  • Incorrectly switching tree group LOD corrected
  • Corrected wrong FlixBus stops in the cities of Stuttgart, Kassel and Leipzig
  • Corrected incorrectly marked drivable roads in Bremen
  • Some graphical bug fixes
  • Preparations for new DLC

DLC France

  • Route at Nante revised
  • Route at Toulouse revised
  • Route between Lyon and Geneva revised
  • Corrected departure signs west of Rouen

DLC Anniversary Repaint Package

  • Repaints for all variants of Scania Touring added

DLC Scania Touring

  • Corrected a spelling mistake in the description of the repaints

HOTFIX 1.26.36004

  • Fixed a crash caused by incompatibility between Windows 7 and the current Unreal Engine version
  • Faded lighting system further corrected
  • Corrected incorrect light settings in the dashboards of the individual buses
  • Corrected speed limit within Leverkusen.
  • Lighting of the world updated
  • Lights in and on the vehicles updated
  • Emissive values of all assets updated
  • Extremely slow driving AI vehicles fixed
  • Backward driving AI vehicles fixed
  • Missing grass on the terrain fixed
  • Incorrectly placed grass further reduced
  • Shadow artefacts on bridges further reduced
  • Road blocking buildings, fences and other objects further reduced
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple glittering particles (disco)
  • HUD now hides correctly when activating photo mode
  • Other graphical errors fixed

DLC MAN Lion’s Coach 3rd Gen

  • Adjusted the lighting conditions in the Optiview mirrors
  • “White Coop” repaint added

DLC France

  • Tours is accessible again (collision at toll station has been corrected)

Hotfix 1.26.36470

  • Added colour blindness feature
  • Incorrectly placed grass on roads entirely reduced
  • Distance field issues mostly resolved
  • Road blocking buildings, fences etc. fixed
  • Shuttle mode routing fixed
  • Inconsistent speed limits fixed
  • Other graphical errors resolved
  • Bus window textures and interior textures fixed
  • Building textures corrected in Kaiserslautern
  • Shadow issues reduced
  • Lens flare issues resolved
  • Mirror quality improved even at lower settings

DLC W906

  • Dashboard display adjusted

DLC Scania Touring

  • Fixed jumping of bus when braking
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