Update 27 for Fernbus Simulator

Update 27 and a Hotfixes have officially been released

We just released Update 27, including a Hotfixes for Fernbus Simulator!

We took a close look at the performance, fixed various bugs and imperfections and prepared a new (very soon to be released) DLC.

You can find the complete changelog here:

Changelog 1.27.37988

  • Optimization of streaming and performance
  • Crash fix
  • New localizations: Dutch and Portuguese
  • Camera pan when changing cameras for all vehicles added
  • Symbols above passengers have been adjusted
  • Snowflake size decreased
  • Fixed lag when changing radio stations
  • Corrected wrong traffic signs
  • Fixed wrong speed limits
  • Fixed the problem of the passengers “moonwalking” when disembarking
  • Fixed missing windows on AI coaches
  • Corrected incorrectly placed bus stops near Munich
  • Fixed incorrectly placed passengers in Halle
  • MAN Lion’s Coach 2nd Gen: Wheels can now either have hubcaps or rims
  • The focal length in photo mode has been adjusted
  • Fixed various collisions
  • Parts of the Spanish translation have been corrected
  • Bug fixes
  • Preparations for new DLC

Football Team Bus

  • Logo corrected for MAN 2nd Gen

VDL Futura FHD2

  • Mirrors fixed
  • New configuration options: regular mirrors or mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims or hubcaps
  • Better view to the dashboard

Hotfix 1.27.38112​

  • Corrected missing passenger dialogues
  • Sunflowers are now disappearing in winter
  • Fixed missing wheel textures
  • Corrected errors in the world map
  • Fixed missing doors of the Event Center
  • Corrected graphical errors
  • Bug fixes


  • The inside of the passenger door now has the correct colour selection
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