Update 28 for Fernbus Simulator

Update 28 for the Fernbus Simulator is officially released!

We have tweaked the bus physics, revised the lighting system, fixed a lot of bugs and of course prepared our DLC Belgium, which will be released very soon!

You can see the full changelog here:

Changelog 1.28.41013

  • Revised lighting systems: sunlight, moonlight, street lights, etc.
  • Updated vehicle physics
  • Fixed the visibility of snow and rain on the buses
  • Fixed rain on the windows of the vehicles
  • Icon of the exe was fixed
  • Dynamic weather is now loaded correctly in saved games (only works with new saved games)
  • New option to control mouse sensitivity
  • Corrected errors in the German license plate system, e.g. 5-digit numbers should no longer be possible
  • Revised the probabilities of the nationalities of the license plates depending on the region
  • Parked cars now have license plates again
  • Added additional license plates to AI coaches and trailers
  • Fixed positions of license plates for certain vehicles
  • Updated license plate visibility
  • The blurred texture of the pickup truck was fixed
  • Action cameras can now be deactivated
  • Camera zoom and movement have been revised in both perspectives
  • Incorrectly reported conflicts between key assignments have been resolved
  • The steering wheel now remains in its current position when you get up from the driver’s seat or activate the photo mode
  • Corrected traffic lights which did not load correctly
  • Passengers can now use different clothing patterns and colors
  • Fixed NPC’s sometimes being assigned wrong clothing textures
  • A bug with the photo mode and the vehicle control has been fixed
  • Walking sounds added
  • Resetting the vehicle revised
  • Coach bus breaks updated
  • Fixed counting the passenger not working properly near doors or hatches of the vehicles
  • Fixed speed limits
  • Fixed AI coach rear wheel positions
  • Fixed bus stop staying invisible if you missed the stop
  • Additional traffic AI fixes
  • Fixed weird radio sound on launch for certain PC configurations
  • Fixed passengers being invisible in mirrors on low-quality settings when loading a savegame
  • Fixed brake light sensitivity of NPC vehicles
  • UI text fixes
  • Fixed resting button function in shuttle mode
  • Some minor to medium bugs have been fixed


  • Revised seating positions for passengers

DLC Netherlands

  • Corrected the geometry of the tunnel in Rotterdam
  • Fixed random broken license plates in the Netherlands
  • Green road markings on state road are now visible in the vehicle mirrors
  • Fixed materials of city buildings

DLC Multi Media Package

  • Fixed a bug when playing the moderation
  • Fixed streaming issues and crashes
  • Physics of traffic news assets fixed
  • Fixed visibility of traffic news assets on the world map and navigation screen


  • Corrected handbrake bug

DLC W960

  • Fixed a bug in the handbrake
  • Fixed error in cruise control

DLC ComClass

  • Fixed ComClass display permanently showing it to be out of fuel
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