Update 9 for Tourist Bus Simulator

Update 9 has been officially released!

A new update has been officially released!
We’ve added a new mode, Schedule Service, fixed some crashes and made some parts of various busses editable in the repaint shop. Additionally, we have added a mode for colour blind people and the camera pans now when changing cameras. You can see the complete changelog down below:

Changelog 1.9.37486

  • New mode: Schedule Service
  • New mode for colour blind people
  • New localizations: Dutch and Portuguese
  • Optimizing performance and streaming
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Lighting conditions have been optimized
  • The quality of the mirrors has been optimized for lower settings
  • Distance field bug fixed
  • Fixed bug in vehicle selection
  • Fixed disappearing passenger bug
  • Preparations for new DLC
  • Wheels of the MAN Lion’s Coach 2nd Gen are editable now in the repaint shop
  • Lighting of various lamps has been adapted
  • Focal distance in photo mode has been adjusted
  • Certain bugs in repaint feature fixed
  • Camera pans when changing cameras for all vehicles added
  • Corrected wrong alignment of stops on the world map
  • Missing texts and words of localization added
  • Fixed bug in Spanish license plates
  • Incorrect fresnels of different objects corrected
  • Tutorial routes shortened
  • Bus stop positions at Playa de Muellito updated
  • Some speed limits have been updated
  • Other minor bugs fixed

VDL Futura FHD2

  • Mirrors fixed
  • New configuration options: mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims and hubcaps
  • Better view to the dashboard
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